60 FPS on IF

I really wanna do the 60 FPS setting on infinite flight but I don’t really want my phone to crash so can any of you tell me what are recommended requirements for that setting? Thank you

This topic should help you out!

Thank you!

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I wouldn’t suggest using 60 FPS at all, your phone will overheat incredibly and your game could crash cause of it, it can also cause frames to become choppy such as 15.

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Well, it’s worth a try

This highly depends on device. So easy with the doomsday theories :)


I have the OnePlus 7t and the thread said it can run 60 FPS without problems so it’s worth a try.

It is worth mentioning that the phone is 2 years old now, and what is listed in the thread may not be entirely accurate. It’s always worth experimenting with different settings to find what is right for you, as it can vary on a device by device basis.

One of the recommendations I tend to make on phones is to lower the Rendering Resolution down to medium, as it is much less noticeable on a smaller screen and can lead to some substantial performance gains, especially more so on your phone with is 1080p anyway.


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