6 Years and I still can't land

No, this is in the right #. Not a Live topic. For context why I don’t have a cake, I count my time from @anon41771314.

Today is 6 years I’ve been on the IFC. Pretty cool to think about to be honest. You might ask, “Why make a whole topic for this?” My answer is: because it’s funny lol. Plus, I haven’t made a topic in over a year. Need to make sure I’m not written off as inactive lol.

I learned about the IF when water looked like… water. I started playing a while later, just before the TBM came out. I joined the IFC around that same time, and it’s been a rollercoaster since then. It’s pretty cool to see how much the IFC has changed since seeing some of the old friends left, moving up the chain, and seeing so many new faces. It’s truly inspiring to see how big the community has gotten, all the changes to the game, and everything.

Since 2018, I’ve held various titles. Few are actually good. Including:
Some are self proclaimed, but we all know it’s true.

  • Best Inverted Captain of the A380
  • Record-holder of longest flight inverted in the A380
  • Best Worst Pilot
  • IFATC’s greatest nightmare when they see me approaching.
  • Professional funny person
  • CEO of VAs we don’t mention anymore.
  • CEO of Lufty Virtual, where I got denied the first time I tried applying to join.
  • Temporarily an IFVARB Nightmare
  • IFATC Specialist like 3 times. I’ll be active this time, I swear.
  • Best Worst Landings

I’ve made peace with most people since. Funnily enough, I hit 400k XP earlier too.

Anyways, onto the wall of thank-yous that are typical for this type of post. I’m not going on a tagging massacre.

@IF_Vamp L u got suspended lol
anyone from the old lego star wars era
anyone in IFATC who remains traumatized by my amazing flying skills

Thunderbolt_35. Or is it just Thunderbolt now? Either way, you’re still pretty funny occasionally.

Ecoops_123. Is he still here even?

Velocity23, idk if ur still around even but you taught me how to use js/php and have a little fun with the API.

Misha + DeerCrusher. Speedrunning to clean up my messes.

Taipei, for as long as I could remember they’re pretty chill + surviving old profile picture nightmares.

dersertan, axolotlsmaster, vinnepinnen, airline_aviation_yt and everyone else that helps me run Lufty Virtual + all the amazing pilots

@Evan for closing this mess of a thread + old ACVA days.

And those lost to the anon machine.

Looking back, most people I met on the IFC quit, and it’s a completely new generation of both IF and the IFC. It’s my time to jump off and retire the Starz title myself. It’s been a great 6 years, but it’s time to wrap it up and move on.

Just kidding. You can’t escape me. Will be interesting to see the next 4 years though. For now, I go back to lurking from my Igloo. Because that’s where all Canadians live, right? :)

Frequency Change Approved,



Noice! where’s your cake though

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thanks TLDR


I would like to challenge you for this title

Freehand fly an A380 inverted for an hour long flight, including landing inverted. Then we’ll talk.

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How the heck do you land inverted…?

You just do lol

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Step 1: Invert
Step 2: Land
results may vary on skill

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this is too real

This new challenge fixing to be a doozie.

you’ve already lost lmao

The A380 is one of those models in the sim that you can still do some goofy ahh maneuvers in and it’ll work.


I look forward to fully terrorizing the new A380 model and being the first to land it inverted.

The A380 is made for inverting.


What’s up @Starz ? (Alaska096 here but I too got lost to the anon machine once)

I’ve only really been active here in PMs but it’s great to still have you around!

Can you drift upside down thought 👀

Who wants to land the new 380 into Saint barths

Imma land the A380 in Portland and make @Ryan_15 and @Prestoni watch 😈


Ok good luck with that