6 years ago today Space X landed an orbital rocket for the first time. Today they made it 100 times.

On December 21st 2015 a Falcon 9 rocket landed at LZ-1 in Cape Canaveral. This was the first time an orbital class booster had ever been successfully recovered via propulsive landing. Today, exactly 6 years later, Space X landed a booster for the 100th time. 93 landings on Falcon 9 missions, 7 on Falcon heavy missions, 22 on landing pads, 78 on drone ships, 6 tandem, 100 total propulsive landings of orbital rocket boosters. I’ll link below some of the highlights of this journey so you can watch it back, but this has truly been an incredible milestone.

Space X has been breaking all sorts of milestones this year, even just this week. 3 launches this week, two of them within 24 hours of another. The first of those two launched was the oldest currently flying booster (B1051) which made a record 11th successful launch and landing. A record 31 total launches in a single year for the whole company.


First successful landing ever:

First double landing:

First triple landing:

(Liftoff @19:50, Landings 1 and 2 @27:10, Landing 3 @29:20)

100th landing:
(Liftoff @27:00, Landing @35:20)


Wow That’s is a very Interesting amount of landings but I am curious what they are doing

Also is Space Travel Considered as a part of Aviaton?

It’s all aerospace 🤷🏻‍♂️

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All sorts of things. Many have been resupply missions to the ISS, many have been building out their Starlink constellation, many have been government payloads, private payloads, all sorts of things. Generally speaking they have been bringing the cost of launches down dramatically by being able to land them. Prior to the Falcon 9 every first stage of every orbital rocket (kinda bar the space shuttles SRBs, but it was a very different system) was expended, so imagine how much more your airline ticket would be if they threw the plane away after every flight.

Damn that’s interesting. Wonder when it would come in IF ;)

Things they do are amazing. Even though now landing a booster is some kind of a routine, it still gives me chills when I see it :D
Congrats SpaceX!

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Always watching the livestreams of a rocket launching, but watching the space x rockets departing and seeing the first stage landing is awesome!

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Wow! 100 landings! That’s a pretty big milestone for SpaceX

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