6 violations? What?

I wholeheartedly agree. There should be a limit of one violation for any one infraction once every 10 minutes.

I think so. Not sure. Either way I was at 14,000 ft. I’m aware that going over 550 is being cracked down on.

550 is mostly irrelevant outside of fighter jets now since 350 IAS/M.87 is the overspeed threshold and results in violation.

Unfortunately it’s hard to differ between genuine mistakes like that and people who just don’t pay attention the rules, if your crash screen appeared it’s quite clearly your A/P disengaged and you went into a nose dive, these things happen, just wait the 3 days out and it will be like nothing ever happened, other than a valuable lesson learned.

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There is a very plausible reason as to why you have a violation, but it’s gonna be gone in 3 days so don’t sweat it.

dont take your eyes of the flight

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Note that “you had to put down your iPad for a few minutes” should make you realize that you, the PIC, should always be at the controls.

If you left it with A/P on, then possible causes are two. Either speed violation or autopilot had been disengaged. Sometimes it is nessesary to leave on autopilot, but everyone have to be really careful especially if you are flying low altitude like 140FL. I personally think you could get helped out from autopilot once you reached crusing altitude, but make sure to familiarise yourself with regulations since many rules are being set including some ridiculous rules that has been made up. Anyway, we gotta follow or fly own way in solo.

Well thanks all for your input. The votes are in. Either glue your eyes to the screen or Murphy’s law takes effect.

So hard to fly and focus when you got kids crying, wife screaming and your dog at the foot of your desk having an "accident "


I can only fly when my daughter is sleeping and wife is at work lol


Good plan.
My daughter has this incredible talent for waking up while I’m flying and just as I’m on final approach and coming over the runway, she runs up, grabs my arm and says at the top of her lungs; “watcha doing daddy??!! Huh?! Huh?!!”


I can relate to this! My son does the same thing. Luckily my wife is all about aviation as well, she knows that I can’t just set things down or hit pause, especially since the jump to expert. She takes care of a lot for me when I’m on IF. For what it’s worth you have my sympathies. I had an instance just a few days ago that took me down to level 3. I set my tablet down for a moment to change a diaper and even with AP set I went into a stall, fell below 10K and got a speed violation. The good news is that I shouldn’t have to worry about doing that behind the controls of a real flight. Cheers, and I hope your three days fly by.

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That’s what happens when you stop paying attention :)

Still I’ve fallen asleep whilst with approach so… Can’t have been too bad.

Surely someone here believes that continuous rolling violations for the same infraction event is patently unreasonable.

Perhaps not the elitists but surely someone does.

When I’m coming over the threshold, I’m at max focus. That’s the exciting part. Whoever said no 2 landings are alike wasn’t pulling anyone’s leg

Never fully trust AP in IF or real world. AOPA Safety Institute had a video on a pilot who trusted AP too much.

If I’m not mistaken, I think you get additional violations for the same thing of you don’t take corrective action. For instance, if you’re taxiing over 35, first you get the warning, then if you don’t slow down you get the violation, then you get another warning, then another violation, and so on. Same with over speed in flight. Flying at 270 under 10K, warning, violation, no correction, another warning, another violation…etc…etc.

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I haven’t been at level 1 for two years.
I suppose I’ll be restricted as to which airports I can fly too. Still Can’t believe this. To go from level 5 to all the way down to level 1 requires a decompression chamber.

The mountains in Denver are almost all above 10K and some as high as 14K.