6 violations? What?

I’m so mad I can barely type this.
Flying 737 on auto pilot, straight and level at 14000 feet.
I had to put my iPad down for what was a few minutes and I come back and see that I had crashed and hit with 6 violations all at once!
I was a level 5 a few weeks ago and got bumped
Down to 4 and I was working on getting back up to 5 again and this crap happened.
One crash and I’m knocked down to level one??
I worked my butt off to reach level 5 and this is what I have to show for it??
Violations should be for the pilot who blatantly
Break the rules. Shouldn’t be held against someone just because his plane crashed.
I don’t care if I do get reinstated back to 5 in 3 days. It’s the principle of the matter. I take pride in my skills as a pilot and someone who follows the rules.


What server was this on? Also, you are never supposed to take your eyes of of your flight anyway.


The violations will likely have come from going 250kts over 10000ft. I don’t know any IF moutnains higher than 10000ft, so you must have been accidentally coming down for some reason.

You shouldn’t really leave your flight unattended. What if center came online and tried to contact you? Non-contact would be a ghost and 7 days out.


Let’s be real here we all have looked away at some point on a flight unfortunately what probably happened is your ap turned off and since you had set your Device Down u plummeted from 14k to 0 and probably gained lots of speed which caused the violations. Just be patient and you can get back


You have any siblings/prankster friends that were home at the time?

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Dont worry buddy…it has happened to me once…6 vios…its the AP tht could have disengaged unknowingly…in my case tht was it…☺


Yeah I wouldn’t leave my flight unattended unless I’m above FL200 - FL300. Even then, I wouldn’t leave for more than a minute or two. Always use caution when depending solely on autopilot.

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Also adding to what I said before when ever I know I got a long way away from any atc freq and have ap on I calibrate my device level with the table so if it disconnects some how it maintains level flight

Uh…flying 250 knots over 10,000 feet?
You have it backwards. It’s over 250 knots under 10k.


That’s a good idea actually. Smart.

Thank you. Always nice to hear from someone who understands.

I was at 14000 ft and about 350 knots.

Probably what happened.
This isn’t the first time.
A few months ago I was straight and level and dozed off for a few minutes. That’s all took for my device to immediately disengage and put my plane into a screaming dive and racking up violations all the way down.
I swear I’d love to know how my device and/or this APP programmed to know when I get distracted for even a minute. I can remain focused for hours and it never happens. Everything solid as a rock. Unfocus for a minute or two and that’s all she wrote.

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Could you have flown over some mountains which were above 4,000ft so you altitude above ground was in fact below 10,000ft

I was on the training server. All the more reason as to wondering why I got slammed.

Hey, even pilots have to take a potty break!!

Was your airspeed at 350 knots

I still take issue with getting 6 violations for the same offense. It’s like getting convicted for 6 crimes but only committing one. Just cause you thought about committing the other 5 your guilty of all 6. (Ok. bad analogy)
This really torques my trout.
I fly almost every day and I haven’t received a violation in months. I worked so hard being careful at following the rules to the letter.

Hawaii Big island is 14K.

Correct me if I’m wrong please. Isn’t it above 18000 feet when center has jurisdiction? I could be wrong.
Even then I wasn’t gone long enough to for center or ATC tontry abd contact me more than once.
Heaven knows I’ve tried contacting them many times in the past and all I get is crickets.

I assumed you were on expert, sorry. Though even on expert we do use center under 18000.

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