6 Violations for reason of which I'm currently unaware

Can any Mod or Admin please help me with this? Last night i was flying a Medium Haul flight, and i had the plane on cruise control, went to the restroom, only to find out that i have crashed without cause. I received 6 violations and downgraded to a Grade 1. Can any mod look into this for me? I feel cheated and betrayed for this. Its not fair.

Were you at cruise altitude at that point or still climbing?


I’m pretty sure it’s all there what happened.
Unfortunately we don’t track what buttons are being pushed and not, so it’s pretty hard to determine what happened.
If this was during ascent, you most likely stalled due to high vertical speed.


I was climbing at 2400 VS up to 36,000 ft. Came back and was crashed and 6 violations

And what was your weight like?

I was 2400 VS climbing to fl360

Normal weight for A321

I think you stalled anyway. That VS is high for climbing at that altitude so you likely stalled as Seb said and crashed.

A VS like that is fine under 10,000 but at anything above 20,000ft I would start lowering it to around 1000-1800 then to 800 once at 330

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So how will i adapt my Grade level back?

What speed? The A321 is known for bobbing up and down on autopilot, and sometimes it can cause the plane to stall and crash, with overspeed violations being obtained on the way down. It’s almost happened to me.


You should be able to get your grad back within 7 days once they clear off your stats however that’s assuming all other requirements are met.

Thanks guys, really helpful eh


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