6 SWA MAXs Moved to Victorville for Storage

When I grandfather sent me a tail number to look up I thought nothing else and looked it up… Boy am I confused now. It’s a Southwest 737 max from BWI to Victorville… a boneyard…

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I think this belongs under #real-world-aviation

Victorville also is used for heavy maintenance, aircraft testing by both Boeing and GE, painting, etc. It’s more then just a boneyard 😊

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This belongs in this thread:


Not it’s own separate thread. 👍

They also have long term storage that’s not part of the bone yard, I’d place my bets on that baking the reason it’s going there…

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Any word where those flights originated?

@Johnny_Ringo The flights originated from Phoenix, Baltimore, Houston, and Orlando. This is probably where they were grounded when the FAA made the order two weeks ago.

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Thank you, I wanted to run to PHX real quick and snap a picture of the 4 WN Max 8’s that were grounded there. Guess I missed it!

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