6 Ryanair Staff Members Fired after "Fake" Photo

Very Recently, Ryanair has fired six of their staff members, after they faked a photo of themselves sleeping on the airport floor.

After the photograph went viral on social media last month, Ryanair posted footage from a security camera in the room, which showed staff sitting on chairs before lying on the floor to pose for the picture.

There is now video proof (in the website above) that this photo was absolutely faked by the staff.

What are your thoughts on this?

This is outrageous in my opinion. I don’t understand why they would do this for such a reason.


There is already a topic on this:

Well, recent info has stated that the staff faked the photo. This topic is about how they faked it. If it is a duplicate, then moderators can close.


That was the photo going viral, this post is saying that it was faked


Everything here has already been linked to on the previous topic. Including CCTV

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Continue in original topic. No need for two. Thanks!