6 over speed violations at once

yesterday I took a two hour flight from KMIA in a Boeing 787-10 which landed successfully. Upon receiving my flight summary I noticed that I had received 6 overspeed violations.

I am new to infinite flight, however I pay close attention while flying now that I am grade 3. At no point did I see flight over speed warnings.

Is this a known bug?

This is not a known bug. This results from people speeding. That’s it. If you left your device at any point in time there is a big chance you oversped. You oversped and there is nothing you can do but sit it out.


What was your speed during cruise?


You have to watch because you may cruise at Mach 0.85 but if you catch a tailwind sometimes you will overspeed. It’s happen d to me. Just learn from it.

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Below 10,000 AP was set at 240. At cruise it was .88-.89

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Well I certainly appreciate the kind but blunt reply. I took pride in obtaining grade 3 and if I oversped then I accept the time out.

I’m not often caught off guard with things. Work as a flight medic.


Understand. Thank you.


“.88 to .89” is what caused it. Those speeds can border or cross the Overspeed tape in certain conditions. And like what @7405896A said, M.85 or lower is pretty much the best option.


I did the same thing this week. Got distracted on an approach into New Orleans and didn’t have my speed low enough as I passed 10,000. In time out for a week…

That happened to me (6 violations “at once”) about 10 days ago when I set up the already speedy plane to gradually (400fpm) climb to it’s final cruise altitude (FL430?) and left the device unattended for about 10 minutes or so.
When I got back to my desk, “crash” was the word welcoming me n I was dropped off from the grade 4 skies onto grade 1…😂

Everyone always complains about the 6 at once.

No one is ever thankful that they don’t rack up for hours.

Because this whole a tailwind-gives-you-violations thing is a pleasant fiction, but in reality, most of these times you are in a situation where violations would continue to accrue in perpetuity if they weren’t capped at 6.