6 More Quick Shots @ CYYZ | October 20th, 2018

Hello IFC User!

Hopped back out to CYYZ last weekend while the weather is still bearable to snag a few shots before the winter!

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Equipment: Panasonic FZ70
Lens: Haha funny

Without further ado, let’s get into the shots (Click for full resolution)

Air Canada B38M lining up on Runway 06L

British Airways B772 flexing down onto Runway 05

Air Transat A332 making its way over to Runway 23 for departure to Cancun

Aerologic B77F landing Runway 05 from Frankfurt

Air Canada B789 flexing it’s way out of 05

Hainan B789 overhead from Beijing

And if you YYZ spotters are wondering how I got the Aerologic and BA shots, someone broke the crash gate at the Fedex complex so you can step forward about 15-20 extra feet to not have the fence in the way to shoot approach shots.


My favorite one is definitely the Air Canada B737-8 max. Other than that, nice pictures.

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I need to go check out that spot now. Great shots!

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Beautiful! I could never take great shots like these!

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Wow @AndrewWu! I’ve known you for quite a while now, and I must say that your photography skills have gotten amazing! Keep up the good work :)

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Love it too! My camera definitely shoots way sharper at the mid zooms.

Thanks! They’ve probably repaired that fence by now

Thank you! And of course you can! It just takes a bit of practice (I don’t consider myself a good photographer either)

Thanks Transport! And you can bet I’ll keep spotting :)


I just don’t know how you do it. These pics are amazing!! You are a very talented spotter, and we know it.


Thanks! I appreciate the kind words!

Awesome pictures! You are making great shots :D

Thank you! Hoping to improve as well

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Great shots! I love the close-up of those scimitar winglets.

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I love that 737MAX. AC does a great job with that livery — one of my favourite liveries on the 737 max!

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They look great from every angle!

They sure did! One of my favorite liveries

Love it! Especially the Air Transat A330

They are amazing, 😁😁👍👍

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