6 Months Since Release of Global

I’ve done a LOT of European routes sense they are short on the weekdays and on the weekends ultra long haul I actually did London to Perth before the actual route was announced

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I fully understand a device overheating on Long Haul Flights

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I am still madly in Love with this sim since the 1st day of global. I practically have a flight going on all the time.

In the first few months I flew domestic flights then a wise man gave me advice to fly uLtRa lOnG hAuL.

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Because, since Infinite Flight Global is released, I always fly every day, from morning to night, sometimes forget the time, I feel very enthusiastic about the global flight, no, feels, it’s been 6 months Infinite Flight Global has been released

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I’ve been playing this game for a long friggin’ time, years. Basically takeoffs and landings, a lot. Trying to fly in my trapped box like a mime with an airplane. I flew the C208 and Q400 a lot for a trip, what’s the point in flying Bo’Buses if you can go anywhere with them ; just circling inside your box. I’d buy the planes and regions but only only played when I was bored.

Then global came out, bought the subscription thinking I’d just try it for the month. Now I need addiction counselling lol. I even have reoccurring dreams of flying. I’ve did those long haul missions, start them, go to sleep dream about them till I wake up to land over morning coffee and cigarettes. Now I mainly do regional hops a couple times a day in the ERJs or the Q-Ball school bus, or 717 even a 737 or 319/320 now and then. I just can’t make myself fly widebodies on a short unrealistic regional flight. I will do some 3-4 hour flights now and then but would rather do shorter 2 hours or less flights.

Circling back to those dreams and sleeping lol, After 20 years of the USAF, working on or near the flightline and a few explosions in Iraq I have tinnitus and have to sleep with noise from ear buds which sometimes I would listen to Live ATC layered with another app that had jet cabin noise which probably coupled with IF Global started all the IF dreams lol … Now I stick to rain or night sounds like crickets lol

I fly in/out of Atlanta in IF often and once was a flight to N Kentucky Airport…Well back to IF Global dreams in my sleep… Couple that with binge watching Legion on FX and binge flying in IF. I dreamed that I flew David/Legion to a DIV 3 HQ in North Kentucky in some strange new Embraer stretched Phenom RJ using my tablet and IF Global to remotely pilot the aircraft.

Hey, you asked


Ive done a lot of flights since Global

Wait 6 months? It feels a lot longer

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6 months, whew that’s gone by so quickly.
I’ve gained all of my 200hrs online during global, but knew about the simulator wayyy before we had global.

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Its much better than pre global IF, I am discovering some great scenery everyday.
It also helped how some of the remote areas of my country look like.

To be honest I don’t think adding up hours is good in itself. I don’t think there’s a point in doing unrealistic 17 hour flights just to add up hours, for the sake of increasing that number. I think global isn’t about flight hours.
Rather, it’s about the places you fly to, the planes you pilot, the ATC and multiplayer experiences, the scenery, etc.


I didn’t get global until December 1st so it’s only 4 months for me :). I’ve been pretty consistent throughout.

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I love it but the only thing that i miss is the realistic water and terrain flight map


4 hrs of flying only due to Amazing iGCSE’s and an incrideble amount of 15 exams a week

I gained 200 hours in a two month period. Not the best, but it definitely got easier to gain XP.

I’ve been flying more and more alone…


Some interesting responses so far. A good gauge is the number of landings in last 90 days.

Mine have stayed pretty static at the 70-80 mark so guess I am doing a similar number of flights. However I am now flying longer flights. During the week I fly 2 or 3 1-2hr flights whilst at weekend I do a couple of longer flights of the 4-12hr range. All my flights are based on real life flights.

Similar to @Bruce_Greene I tend to sleep with ear buds ( 20 years in the MN, ships engines always on the go, silence is wrong!!) so when fly at night have the sound of the plane to south me to sleep.

At the release of global, I had a lot to do so I didn’t pick up on a lot of flying until December after my KBOS-EHAM flight. Then I started using FlightRadar24 to find more awesome routes to fly, mainly focusing around ATC regions nowadays.

There are both positives and negative 6 months in…


  • I’ve really enjoyed checking out different areas of the world and practicing tough real-world approaches, we’ve done these as VA events, and everyone have loved them. Recently discovered the LOWI approach, by far my favorite right now.

  • The expansion of VA routes to really be a true airline. It’s fun seeing all the flights around the US from DLVA, and other VA’s, and then randomly running into someone you know from the VA or on IFC randomly over the atlantic.

  • I put this on both sides… IFATC. It’s so much fun to see where people come from when doing approach or Tower/Ground. When I can, I try to see where someone has come from. It’s really cool to see flights come all the way across the globe to then be in your airspace

  • The freedom is great, obviously. Global has changed the sim world IMO, i dont even open other sims that I have as IF has me hooked.

There are many more positives, but those are the bigger ones.


  • IFATC - This is a tough one, because i joined IF because of IFATC and was my passion from Day 1 to join, it took me a bit, but ive been there since December and have loved it. However, in some daily regions, its just dead. It’s no fault of the schedule, I love the schedule to open different areas, but unless its EU, Australia or the US (Which i know are half the week usually) the other places arent as busy the full time. Ive had great times in Turkey, Africa, South America and Asia, but sometimes it just doesnt carry a great session at ATL or KFLL

  • I “fly” less. Something about pre-global, you usually had to be paying attention. I realize that flights were rarely over an hour, or 30 minutes for that matter. But now… i take off, i climb, i speed up at FL100, get to cruise, and set it down until im closer to landing (looking as i can to make sure things are going correctly). It’s great to just fly anywhere, but i just actually control much less in the flight.

  • Great dead airports. A huge question pre-global was where you’d fly. We all assumed placed like LAX, EGLL, KJFK, ATL, LFPG and such would be busy. But im surprised that there aren’t more airports with activity. I know you can only have so many people flying at once, but its just an observance that traffic hasn’t trickled to other locations. VA’s help to a degree, but your average joe is flying JFK -> EGLL mostly (as an example).

  • Degrading pilot quality. It may just be me, but i think there is far less knowledge in pilots now on Global. There isn’t a great in-game tutorial system, so you just spawn in and fly. And if someone doesnt care to get better, they may never know that they look like an idiot saying “remaining in the pattern” when they are actually departing. Or what it means to be on base or downwind.

Just a lot of random two cents from me. It’s amazing, wouldn’t have it any other way. But my thoughts!


@mwe2187 the main reason for the “degrading pilot quality” is because of the vastness of Global. If you went to an active region pre-Global, you either flew into rush-hour-like crowded airports with ATC, or flew between GA airports in an A380.

Nowadays, you can fly realistic aircraft to realistic airports in a “region” without ever contacting a human controller. Last month during a Caribbean region day, I did MKJS-KATL. Jamaica was highlighted in the ATC schedule, but people were flying out of the airport on the other side of the island. And the main flow was doing Sint Maarten to Havana. There was only one other person besides me who wanted to visit MKJS at the time, therefore no ATC was required.

Then during a Southeast Asia region day, I found a route from ZSNB-VHHH. Nobody was at ZSNB (who’s heard of Ningbo), but the whole crowd was at Hong Kong.

My main point is, I try to fly unique routes, but as you said, most “average Joes” are doing New York to London, and it holds back the ATC-birds who want to explore less popular airports.