6 Months Since Release of Global

6 months ago on October 11th 2017, the global update came to Infinite Flight. 6 months is half a year. Time has really flown quickly. How has Global gone for everyone so far? How many hours have you gained in half a year of playing Infinite Flight Global update?

Compare your first 90 days of global to your second 90 days of Global

Have you become more addicted or have you slowed down in activity? Have you done Long Haul, Short Haul or Ultra Long Haul?

Personally I have gone from 100 hours before Global, to nearly 1600 with Global. Which means I should theoretically reach 3000 Infinite Flight hours, and 2 Million XP by the one year of Global mark. However my activity has gone from 664 hours in the first 90 days, to 932 hours in the second 90 days, so who knows.


Its been good minus the constant lagging I experience on my device. Although considering how amazing the changes are, I can manage :)

I found that I was very active when it was first released because I was so curious, all though since then, I’ve done a considerable smaller number of flights.

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I have definently slowed down on the flights. When it was first realized I would clock 5 hrs a day for like 2 weeks but now it’s much slower


I have unfortunately slowed down in activity due to school. However, having just got off my first real life flight of the year, I have interest in flying again and will try to do more flights in Infinite Flight.


Try doing long flights which you can setup before bed and then land once you get home. With epaga’s new VNAV addon to IF-Assistant, it will be even easier to live a happy life and have lots of IF hours

I’ve been doing some of those but it’s hard to get the timing so you could land the plane in the 15 mins you get before school. Best way is to fly lower and land at nearest airport.

I feel that global was a revolutionary update for the sim, and that it boosted excitement to explore the world.

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My flying has been very sporadic lately. It’s been a combination of beeing busy here at school and just waiting for the super hyped CRJ

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For many people who attend school (like myself), those flights would need to be over 16 hours, which makes doing that very annoying.

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I gained, oh I don’t know, a littke something of 250 hours and climbing, pretty soon I can probably pull off 500 or more flights/flight hours

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Can you elaborate on what is annoying about a 16 hour flight? There are lots of 16 hour+ flights, Perth to London, Sydney to Paris, Brisbane to New York, Toronto to Melbourne. You could even try Madrid to Auckland which is 23 hours long. Easy to setup and if you use VNAV you don’t need to look at it, just plug it in to charge overnight and take it off charge in the morning.

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I slowed down a lot. Before global, I was always on top of my flight time. Now, im not sure what happend.

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500 beta hours testing initial global launch + 1500hrs or so in the 6 months and about 3000 landings Rough numbers give or take a few hours


I used to do only 2 routes (main flights) with a commercial airplane on pre-global:


With the release of global:

100% of my commercial flights are not within the same region, something that would not be possible in pre-global.


Now I only got it on November 19th, but since then, so not quite 6mo it has really changed a lot of parts of my life, I don’t really fly regular routes, but I do do a lot more IF, not just long haul, but being able to chose a random AF airport in the middle of India, that has a hard AF approach, and do it with my little C208 has been my favorite part so far…

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Since the first release of global i actually slowed down a bit but i’m still flying after school until i go to sleep which is around 6 hour…


Once I get my own IF device to use I’m gonna start doing long/ultra-long routes and I’ll takeoff before I sleep and wake up an hour or two before time to land

Wow. Time goes quickly. I have slowed down on global mainly due to family and exams but hopefully I will pick up again sometime. It’s always necessary to spend some time away.

I pretty much doubled my landings in a 90 day period.
I added around 500 flights total.
My landings have doubled in the last 6 months because of touch and goes.
My hours have almost tripled since global.
I also have gone past 1,000,000 XP
Since global came out I have visited places I never been to and want to go in real life. The aircraft mechanics are great. I started experimenting with each aircraft and no doubt will put in dozens of hours experimenting with the CRJ and seeing what it will do.

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  • There are few aircraft choices that can fly that long
  • Very few airlines do routes that long, limiting options to choose from for people like myself who like to fly real routes
  • It is very easy to misplan and overshoot your destination, or run out of fuel
  • My device tends to overheat for ultra long hauls, which increases lag or the chance of crashing
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