6 month live subscription option

the title explains the topic :-D


Please make a better topic description.

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sorry man im new

No problem. Just make the topic description a bit more detailed so people understand what you are requesting to be implemented into IF.

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Hi rob. You should put in the description of the topic what exactly you want or if its all in the title just put in the description, “the title explains it all.”

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thank you im new to the community will do next time :-D


thanks Michael I will do next time :-D

6 Month live subscription is not currently available but i think you’re asking for more subscription types…?

correct yes I am as I think you should unlock the most popular planes

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Ok and what would you expect to get with the 6 month subscription? At present the monthly just allows you use the aircraft and regions you have already purchased whilst Annual ( or Live Plus ) unlocks ALL aircraft and ALL regions.

Would you want it to be like the monthly or annual subscription or something in between?

Perhaps $25.00 USD (if you don’t know, 50% of live+), and possibly a set number of free purchases (just suggesting a possibility).

I dont see 6 month subscription happening ever, with the price of $25.00. Its too “cheap” in the sense as a yearly subscription is $50.00 and thats already popular and Infinite Flight is probably losing or making less money. The yearly sub is cheap as it is because with that price you get 1 year of live ($60) then you get all aircraft (at least $50) and then regions. Also you get future aircrafts/regions.

If there was a way to get $25 subscription for 6 months they would probably make it that you don’t get future aircrafts/regions.


Yeah, I agree. If you did get free regions/aircraft it wouldn’t be fair to those who bought live+. They will realize that they could get a couple of free things just by paying $25.

Or, maybe, you would only get very new aircraft and free with 20 purchases aircraft
Here would be the list:
Boeing 737-700BBJ
Boeing 747-SOFIA
Airbus A320 Family
Bombardier Dash 8 Q400
^^These are just suggestions.

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Don’t really see how this is going to work. Its not really necessary…

well I thought 25 dollars or pounds … you could get the A318,19,20,21 and the erj 170,175,190,195

a few aircraft like the a320 fleet and the Erj fleet

yes a few unlocks the a320 fleet and the erj fleet?

it is if you cant afford 50 pounds or dollars

thanks :-D