6 Month and Annual Subscription?

I noticed the subscription choice is down to only a month and I wanted to know if the six months and the year subscription choices are still available

You can’t purchase those two subscriptions within the app anymore, but can in your device settings. I’m not sure about Android, but on Apple you can go to “Apple ID” > “Subscriptions” and upgrade there.

Ok thank you

From Jason if you want to know more details :)

Why would you want to do that

@Nutterbutter Because they want to access the half-yearly and full-year subscriptions, which are only available if you roll back to an older version of IF, on Android at least.

@corgi_doodle there are apparently blogs explaining how to do it - in the words of Jason:

Unfortunately, Jason also said:

For iOS, like previous users mentioned, the option to purchase the longer subscriptions is still there in the ‘Subscriptions’ tab in your Apple ID Settings. Not in the app - but your device settings.

What was the point of removing that ability in the first place?


Made a topic about it a while ago.

It’s not really “simplicity” when there’s more steps to buy something is it?


True. But they mean is they want to completely remove the 6 month and 1 year so new users only have 1 option through the app.

Why though? The only logical explanation is money.


I agree with you… that’s why I created the topic…

Some staff members have responded to my post. Check out their answers.

Ok thank you for all your guys’ help and this topic can now be closed

Question answered