6 Million XP, a new Milestone for myself

Hello and good Evening from Switzerland everybody

Today, I achieved a new Milestone for myself which I wanted to share.
After many years of flying in the Skies of Infinite Flight, I made almost 10000 flighthours.

Today I passed 6 Million XP.

I’m absolutely proud to be a part of this awesome Community here, of which many Members have become Family to me.

I want to use this Moment to say Thank you to all my Friends here who always supported me on my Way here. I went through good Times, but also very bad Times but the IFC always had my back. No Matter if its the Family of IFAE, where I’m a part of since almost the beginning, the IFATC Guys and Girls who are always here for me if I need them, or my VA Suisse Virtual and my awesome Staff there. Its great to have you.

Also special Thanks to some of my Long Term Friends, @Declan @Balloonchaser, Cameron, without y’all, I dont think I would still be here.

Also huge Thanks to Laura and the whole Staff and Mod team who do a outstanding Job with this Sim and the Moderation, its a huge pleasure.

And last but not least, thanks to everyone here on the IFC for beeing a great Community, and a very big Family.

To the next 6 Million, or the next 9 Years, cant wait what the Future will bring.

Thank you, Good Day,



Congratulations. Huge achievement!

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Congrats Way to Go MAN!!

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Wo(man) ;)

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Fantastic achievement @SunDown. Wishing you many more happy and healthy flight hours ❤️

Herzliche Glückwünsche @SunDown! That is a huge milestone indeed. This shows that huge amount of dedication you have! Here’s to 16M :)

Congratulations @SunDown!! 🙌🏻❤️

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Massive achievement well done @SunDown

Must be all those KLAS flights no? 😬

Congrats so much! I’m super grateful to be able to call you a friend.

You are a terrific meme bee of this community but more importantly, you are an amazing friend!


Congrats Leah!

I remember looking up to your hours ages ago being an inspiration to me, and over time I’ve gradually overtaken you to be the one with more hours! Lol! You deserve every piece of the love and attention for the positive great person you are. ❤

Great stuff on the 6 million XP, here’s to more! 🥂


Congratulations for your great achievement!

Best of luck for the next 6 million!

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Thanks Guys, appreciate the kind words ❤️

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