6 Liveries That NEED To Be in Infinite Flight

So you may have seen my post on Christmas with my edits of special liveries and liveries that I think should be in Infinite Flight. I was planning on doing many more of these, but then I found out the fun reality that my subscription ends today so I only had 6 done 🙃. If you requested one in the last topic, I’m really sorry because I didn’t realize my subscription was ending so soon. These are 6 liveries that I think are really cool and would make IF an even greater game. All were taken in Solo mode and flight time was about 37 seconds per photo. These are in order from worst to best in my opinion, but I like all of them (I deleted 5 that I didn’t think were great quality).

Hawaiian Airlines operates the A330-200 but we have the -300 in IF. Either way, Hawaiian’s livery is one of my favorites and here’s what it would look like in IF cruising above Maui
Requested By: @anon41771314

WestJet has an A M A Z I N G livery on their 787’s and imagine how beautiful this would look flying around white, snow-capped mountains in Canada

Qantas has one of the cleanest liveries I’m the word and I was actually really surprised when I learned we didn’t have their A330 in IF. The livery is simple, but beautiful
Requested By: @Brisbane_Aviator

Southwest has many State Liveries, but the only one we have in Infinite Flight is the Illinois One livery. Florida One is shown here landing in Atlanta
Requested By: @snoman

Once Again, Hawaiian has a stunning livery and it looks amazing on their A321NEO, we don’t have the NEO in IF, but the livery is awesome on the A321 anyway

Air Canada’s new livery is easily one of my top 5 favorite liveries in the world. In IF we have the old Toothpaste livery on the A330-300, but the new livery would look REALLY Good, as seen here landing in a snowy Vancouver.

What was your favorite concept

  • Hawaiian A330
  • WestJet 787
  • Qantas A330
  • Southwest (Florida One) 737
  • Hawaiian A321
  • Air Canada (New) A330

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Please leave comments, I spent a lot of time editing these so I really like to get feedback!


And even though I’m losing my subscription for now, if you want me to do a certain livery, it just has to be on either the 717, 737, 744, 752, 77W, A321, or A388 because those are the airlines I own without a pro subscription. So please leave me requests if you have one for one of those planes :)

Definitely the Qantas a330! A livery which is needed and I think another great livery if you could make it would be the Virgin Atlantic A330. That livery would be beautiful

The main reason why the Qantas A330-300 livery hasn’t been added is due to the fact that the real Qantas doesn’t operate the A333 with the same engines in the game. Qantas uses GE-CF6 engines which aren’t available in the A330 in Infinite Flight.

However, all that aside I would absolutely love to see this livery in the game!

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Wow. We need them all 🤣😍

😍 they’re all so amazing! The new Hawaiian livery on the A330 would be too. The one you made has a winglet that looks like it’s off a 767 👀

Could you do the new Qantas livery on the 787? Since that’s missing unfortunately.

Edit: Just realised you can’t do that without your subscription. Do you have an old 787 photo you can use by chance?

I’d like to see NOK AIR available also…!

Honestly tho do we care what engines on it ? I could look the other way no worries just to have 332 and better still QF lol.😂🤷‍♂️

Very nice! I believe @JacksonAviation deserves credit for requesting Florida One, not me


This is simply a feature request with a mask on. Thanks!