6:Error or DF-BA-PDRC-14

I have an error when i purchase a subscription. 6:error or DF-BA-PDRC-14. I think it is a problem of Google Play


Sounds like google has been having some issues lately:

I’m not really sure how much control IF has over the issue, but hey, someone may be able to help. Good luck.

This an issue with the Google Play Store. Flying Development Studios has no control over this. Please contact the Google Play Store for assistance.

Hello @DanikSteblev

If restarting your device and restarting Infinite Flight doesn’t help this issue your best course of action is to contact Google Play Store Support. Here is the link.

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Likely It’s because Google has locked your payment options until you verify, you are who you say you are.
Go into Google Play, select payments > more payment settings. It’ll open a webpage where you have to verify your identity. PM me if you have more question

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There I can see what i will to call bank or write.

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