[6 ATTENDING] VGVA Presents - New Zealand Tour @ NZAA - 231900ZFEB19

VGVA Presents:
New Zealand Tour

New Zealand is a great example of an underdog. It’s small yet has some of the best views on the planet. Join us as we take a tour from the north to the south of this beautiful country.

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Welcome to Middle Earth.

The film trilogy of “Lord of The Rings” was filmed in New Zealand. The film used both the islands for locations North & South, making use of all its terrains from the rolling hills and flat plains on the North Island, to the glaciers & mountains on the south. In addition to specific locations such as the Dart River outside of Queenstown to the blue lakes of Pukaki to the north. New Zealand is truly a unique and special place on Earth, and yes, it is true there are more sheep in New Zealand than people. So, with this said… Let’s go see it…

On departure from Auckland (only city in the world to be built on an active basaltic volcanic field made up of about 50 volcanos) we will head south over the plains of Hamilton (Wine anybody?) then head up towards Matakana Island before turning south towards Rotorua, famous for its geothermal activity.
Then we head directly south towards Lake Taupo, and along side Mt Ngauruhoe (a perfectly shaped volcano – one of only 10 on the planet that fall in to this category)
Then we will head south towards Wellington, the North Islands most southern city, and home to Peter Jackson, famed director of the Lord of the Rings films amongst others.

Prior to flying over Wellington, we will pass long side the famous black sand beaches of Waikanae before turning towards Wellington. From there we will make our way across the Cook Strait towards the dramatic terrain of the South Island. We’ll make a turn to the west over the town of Nelson before heading over Kahurangi National park before turning north to fly over Takaka famous for is perfect cylinder surf, one of only a few places on earth where this is found.
We then head back toward Picton before flying south toward Kaikoura. The mountains on the right side rise straight from the ocean, it’s spectacular. Kaikoura is famous for its Sperm Whale sightings, and Pinot Noir!!

We continue down the coast and cross inland just as we hit Christchurch, the largest city on the South Island. From here we approach Mount Cook (the tallest mountain in New Zealand), crossing over the Fox Glacier before heading towards Lake Pukaki. To the left is Lake Tekapo and to the right is Lake Ohau and ahead is the town of Twizel. All three lakes are famous for their turquoise color, and of course did anyone say, “Lord of the Rings.”

From here we will head out towards Mount Edward tip toeing ever so lightly in to the Tasmanian sea before starting our descent whilst heading back to towards Fiordland National Park and the Milford Sound (although not a true fiord, it’s still considered one of the natural wonders of the world)
Here we descend to Queenstown and its valley approach over Lake Wakatipu and the Incredibles Mountain range.

New Zealand!

  Event Info

Server:  Training

Airport:  Auckland (NZAA)

Time:  2019-02-23T19:00:00Z
(This will show in your timezone)

Aircraft:  Boeing 737-800, Virgin Australia Livery


  • Join us as we take a tour from the north to the south of this beautiful New Zealand.

  • Spawn Roughly 10-15 minutes before the time listed above.

  • VGVA Pilots Should use their VGVA Callsigns

  • Attendees not in VGVA may use their personal callsign but must not impersonate VGVA Pilots.

  • Be Sure to take some nice pictures and butter  grease  the landing.


Flight Plan is Subject to Change at any Stage, however notice will be given.


Gate Pilot
Gate 20 @Nick_Martin
Gate 21 @IconicUndead230
Gate 22 @WilliamIsaacs
Gate 23 @Knellered
Gate 24 @Juan_Oosthuizen
Gate 25 @GregAZ
Gate 26 @FlyFamingo
Gate 27
Gate 28
Gate 29
Gate 30
Gate 31
Gate 32
Gate 33

More Gates will be added if required.

  Air Traffic Control

Position Controller
NZAA Clearance Delivery
NZAA Ground
NZAA Tower
NZAA Departure
Auckland Center
Queenstown Approach
NZQN Tower
NZQN Ground

Not all positions need to be filled. Clearance Delivery, ATIS and Center services are provided by Infinite Flight Verbal ATC via their Discord Server (link on website) or Online Datalink. Using the services provided by IFVATC is optional.

The Virgin Virtual Group is a new and revolutionary Virtual Airline for Infinte Flight and the one that has hosted this event. We provide an easy to climb rank structure, over 200 routes, and with a range of aircraft in our fleet, you’ll never get bored.

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Event Credits

Icons from flaticon.com

Thread and Top Banner by @KaiM

Heading Banners by @Knellered


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‘CENTER’ frequencies are currently not in IF

Training Server currently does not have an ATIS frequency. It’s currently still only on Expert Server.

EDIT: Sorry didn’t see the text box below the frequencies list - my bad!

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Yes. As mentioned, we have ATIS and Center provided by IFVATC, but it is optional.

– Velocity23


The Date has been Changed to 2019-02-23T19:00:00Z

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Put me down for a gate please 😁

Roger that Sir

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I’d like to join

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i have contacted u guys to join ur VA. smh i didnt get any reply from u guys

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Still plenty of gates left and now less than a week away!!! Make sure you join us here with VGVA for an unforgettable flight!!! 😁
Please make sure to also check us out on Virgin Virtual Group | Join the Best
Happy flying!!! 😁


I would like a gate please

@WilliamIsaacs @IconicUndead230 Thanks for coming, I’ll add you now.

Still time to grab a gate!

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