[6 Attending] [2 ATC] The Coast of Australia @ YBHM - 090430ZSEP19 TONIGHT!

The Coast of Australia

Server: *Training

Airport: YBHM

Time: 0430Z

NOTAM: Hamilton island only has a few gates. Spots are limited.

Aircraft: Qantas or Virgin 737-800 or QantasLink Dash 8 Jetstar A320

Why Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island is a popular holiday spot on the east coast of Australia. Exiting the Runway you will get amazing views of the coast.

Attending at Hamilton Islands 3 Gates

@Matt_Croatia001 Virgin Australia 737-800
@Cpt_Zorndy Qantas 737-800
@izzy1010 Qantas 737-800
@Tasuki Qantas 737-800

Why Sunshine Coast Airport

Sunshine Coast airport is another airport on the coast of Australia.

Attending at the Sunshine Coast

@QVG-Crunch Virgin 737-800

Hope to See you There!


You don’t have to fly from one to another you can take off or land there. e.g YBHM-YSSY.
You can also do scenic views around Hamilton island.


Both airports are quite small. Do not attempt “Stunts” or taxi over the speed limit

ATCers please do attend to control both airports.

@Lil_Qaz YBHM Tower




Cool event! A couple of things:

  • The ICAO code for the Sunshine Coast is YBSU

  • With the time 430Z, do you mean 0430Z? If so, make sure to put a 0 before the 4 so people don’t get confused

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend, but good luck with the event!


Thanks mate for the tips

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i’d love to come, book me in!

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What Airport? and Aircraft (Livery as well) @Cpt_Zorndy

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YBHM Qantas 737 @Matt_Croatia001

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Added you Mate!

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see you there!

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holy god i just looked out how small the Airport is

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I did write this because they are small

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thanks for coming along
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Jetstar A320 Added to the Aircraft list!

You can now fly in this aircraft


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Could I be ground and tower for the event? I think this one will be a hit!

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Sure you can! Ground and Tower or just one?

Ground and tower please. We can talk via pm about any special details you want me to do if you want : )

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All set Thanks for taking a place. Its held next Monday so be ready. AEST Monday

Do you mean tommorow Monday or in 8 days Monday?

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Ninth of September Monday

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I just checked and I think that YBHM has only tower. It is very beautiful though.

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Then would you still like to Be Tower?