5th anniversary of UPS Flight 1354


Today marks that 5th anniversary of the tragic crash of UPS flight 1354 which was a scheduled freight flight from Louisville International Airport (KSDF) to Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport. The aircraft, an Airbus A300-600F crashed and burst into flames short of the runway. Both pilots were pronounced dead at the scene. The aircraft was registered N155UP and was built in 2003 and UPS took delivery of it on February of 2004.

So what happned?

The aircraft was shooting an non-precision Localizer approach to the shorter runway 18 at the airport when there GPWS went off indicating that they were descending to rapidly. A few seconds later, Captain Beal reported having the runway in sight and was confirmed by First Officer Fanning. The CVR or Cockpit Voice Recorder recorded the sound of the plane hitting the first impact of trees three seconds after reporting seeing the runway. A final GPWS was recorded then the final impact was heard.

My thoughts: This is a very sad situation. Something like this should of never happened with such an experience crew and high tech aircraft. I also believe that they did not rely on there instruments and should of gone around and executed the missed approach procedure. Let me know yours in the comments.

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Quite a sad accident. Could’ve been totally avoided. For anyone else who wants to look at more of this accident, here is a video about it.

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Well, A lot of tragic accidents happened today in history. First Helios 552, now this. I hope the pilots rest in peace.


This was an anniversary posts

He knows, he is saying that another accident happened on this day 13 years ago.


These are old accidents. They did not happen today!

I meant Today in history. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

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