5th anniversary of multiplayer flight

Hey people. Did another brilliant flight from KSFO-KLAX on Infinite flight, celebrating the 5th anniversary of multiplayer live. So this flight was in contribution to that, so here are the pictures!

Aircraft and Route Details

Aircraft: A320-200
Airline: Alaska Airlines
Route: KSFO-KLAX (San Francisco international airport - Los Angeles international airport)
Callsign: Alaska 1946


Departure from KSFO, with KSFO in the background and Scarpet peak/Montara mountain


Moonshot cause I just love ‘em


Descending into Los Angeles, passing the Angeles national forest, with maybe Mount Gleason somewhere in the picture

Landing on KLAX’s 24R with some planes parked at the TBIT (Tom Bradley international terminal). We have a Saudi 787-9, British Airways A318, Lufthansa 747-8, Philippine 77W (777-300ER) and an Air Tahiti Nui 787-9


So this was an extra thing I thought I’d post in here, I also posted in Humorous Live Photos
I think this guy fell into an invisible hole
(Sorry for bad quality)
Humorous Live Photos


Sorry posted too early standby


Okay I changed all good

Brilliant shots!

Moonshot is 🤩

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Nice pictures, thanks for sharing!

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Couldn’t stop laughing at that poor aircraft that fell of the face of the Earth.

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