5th Anniversary of MH370

Today is the fifth anniversary of MH370. A 777-200ER that disappeared for with many diverse citizens on board, racial and ideological differences. To this day, the plane is still not found. For all the families who lost their loved ones in this particular plane crash, we sympathise, empathise and bond together. To alleviate the suffering of the people who have died in the plane crash. To this day, we must be thankful of what we have, what the aviation industry has provided us with. Let us give a minute of silence to mourn the death of the passengers and their loved ones.


Hope Malaysia restart their searching program. I hope that the Chinese Gov’t can take care of the entire searching, because most people on board are Chinese.


God bless them.

It’s really confusing how a plane can go missing and not be found even after so many years with using mordern technology.
But there was this man who was searching on Google maps and apparently found the plane in a thick forest in combodia but I don’t know what happened to that search.

That’s just loads of rumours. It’s landed in the water somewhere, I don’t think it will ever be found at this point sadly. It’s been far too long and the parts are probably scattered all over the world.


Yesz rumours are prevalemt. But even it can be found, the perished would probably never be found, bodies would be bloated beyond recognition. However, truth is, its impossible to find now. The blackbox would run out of battery within 30 days, which means it cannot send sonar to alert the ship or provide radar to helicopters to even search for the plane.

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It’s not impossible to find,if you consider that one plane which was found 50 years after crashing…cant lose hope yet…
But it’s really surprising how it disappeared!i wonder where the passengers could be or how they felt?

Can’t believe that this has been 5 years already.

I remember wakening up and having breakfast whilst watching the news when all of a sudden, breaking news came on about this aviation crash.

I’m still skeptical about what really went on with this doomed flight, but I won’t speculate further here.

Rest in peace to all the victims of MH370. May they rest in peace.

It’s near impossible, they don’t even know where to look. They would need the exact area to give the wreckage and even then it’s probably drifted or embedded itself into the sea bed.

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What your saying is true but that plane lost for 50 years was found by accident.so the same could happen perhaps…

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