5th 787 Ever built scrapped

Sad news, the 5th 787 ever built, US reg. N787FT, or MSN 40695 • LN 6, was sadly the first 787 to be scrapped on the 23rd at Paine Field after being stored for a two years after being decommissioned in July of 2016.

Here’s some background about N787FT. It was the 5th 787-8 ever built in 2009. It was used as a testbed plane for the program for a long time until it was decommissioned and put in storage at Paine. It saw over 1600 flight hours with 1k of those hours being for testing.
But there’s an interesting ending to this. After Boeing determined that Line 5 was seen to have no commercial value besides being seen as a testbed. Boeing although said that they would keep some parts and send them to museums that would be for preservation. But the bright side is that this 787 will be actually reused and recycled for future use! What do you guys really think about this? Is it the beginning of the end of some 787’s?

Both photos were taken by Joe Walker


The early examples were not great aircraft, riddled with problems. They obviously couldn’t be sold like early B777 examples so this is ultimately the only option unless they want to keep an expensive asset sat in a hangar costing them money every day.


They could use it for a museum

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It could have made a nice hotel in my opinion. I know it sounds stange but so many would pay to stay in it.


Another Aviation Business Idea! 😉


I believe there is a 747 and 727 hotel. The 787 would be a nice addition. :)

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So, the 5th 787 ever built was the 1st 787 ever scrapped.

That’s sad.

They have already sent some to a museum. Realise that scrap metal is worth millions aswell so Boeing at some point have to ensure they aren’t just wasting away money.

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And most of this plane will be used on other Dreamliners. Parts that are still functional can always be repurposed.


Sadly, this will not be the last early 787s scrapped this early. They were riddled with issues and this was only the 5th one made. It won’t be long before we see some of the Terrible Teens go either, relatively speaking anyway.

It’s a machine, it’s served it’s purpose, supplied the data and now it’s redundant.

In our new society let it be scrapped and re-purposed.

Isn’t that what the sustainable society requires these days?


This is sad this was the first Dreamliner I ever saw when it came to VCV a few years ago while the Dreamliner was still being tested. 😞 I guess time marches on.

I would have bought it… );

I could pay $4.77 for it :D

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Personally as disappointed as I am it makes sense, try selling AA an aircraft that was pushed to the limits in every possible way, possibly byond those limits, and is not really good for people just testing equipment :p

Why would it be the beginning of the end? Just becuase a test aircraft was scrapped? 787 has been successful and still getting lots of orders.


As said, Boeing has determined that the aircraft has no value, but was scrapped and recycled.

Well that is definitely sad, unfortunately it can’t be used in commercial operations because it was a prototype and used for testing only. Reminds me of the 787 that spent some time in Victorville, I think that was recently claimed and is flying again. The original Boeing house dreamliner livery was ugly imo.

To all those who are complaining about it being scrapped, don’t worry! Here’s a list of the “terrible teens” so far-
LN001 is preserved at Centrair Airport in Nagoya, Japan
LN002 is preserved at the Pima Aerospace Museum
LN003 is preserved at the Museum of Flight
LN004 is performing testing for Boeing and may be re-sold as a 787 VIP.
LN005 is scrapped. (This is the one you see in the OP)
LN006 is operated by Fuerza Aérea Mexicana (Mexican Air Force) as Mexico President Transport XC-MEX
LN007 is operated by ANA as JA803A
LN008 is operated by ANA as JA801A
LN009 is operated by ANA as JA804A
LN010 is operated by Ethiopian as ET-ATG
LN011 is being prepared for Korean Air Lines, to be ready for South Korean President Transport
LN012 is operated by Ethiopian as ET-ATL
LN013 is operated by Ethiopian as ET-ATJ
LN014 is operated by Ethiopian as ET-ATK
LN015 is operated by Air Austral as F-ORLB
LN016 is operated by Ethiopian as ET-ATH
LN017 is in storage, was intended for Crystal Luxury Air
LN018 is operated by Ethiopian as ET-ATI
LN019 is being prepared for RTX Aviation, Residence II Ltd. as VP-CSC

ZA001-003 are all in museums, so there’s no problem there of non-preservation. Since this is also the first 787 to be properly scrapped, the experience will also be good to see how much of the plane itself can be recycled and put into new 787s, since we don’t have much experience with CFRP birds. ZA004 may be soon to follow as well if they can’t find a customer for it as well.

Besides, ZA005 was built for a single purpose- flight testing. It served Boeing well, completed all the tests and is allowed to go with dignity. It would have been nice to see it fly on as a VIP bird, but at least even in death it serves a purpose.

Final pictures of ZA005.


Sad to see this beautiful bird go so early, but she went down with a purpose.