5SEP21 / 2100Z- short flight @ EGLL-LEAL

London To Alicante

Flight Info

Server: Expert

Departure Airport: London Heathrow International Airport (EGLL)

Arrival Airport: Alicante International airport (LEAL)

Departure runways: 27L

**Arrival Runways ** 10

Time: 2021-09-05T23:28:00Z2021-09-06T23:28:00Z

  • If Joining
    If you are joining this event please reply to this message saying you will join. Then I will responding confirming you’re in. Prior to the event I will post the flight plan and other flight information. Before the event starts we ask that you spawn in 15 minutes prior to departure.


I will not be responsible for any violations that occur during this event

Additional Info: Please don’t get close as it destroys the realism. As I said about join at least at least. 10 - 20 minutes before.

Thank you for taking your time to read my thread. See you at the event

Hi pls use #live:events

You don’t have to be TL2 to post in #live:groupflights, but you can only post there if your flight is within a maximum of three hours from the post, and therefore you, @Young_Cryptic, would have to wait 24 more hours to post your flight there

Also, make sure to review all the Group Flight rules that can be found in this topic

Yes you are correct, I read this part here incorrectly:

Thanks for everything


I’ve closed this topic until 3 hours prior to your published group-flight time, in your title. You won’t need to create another topic for this flight as you already spent a great deal of time constructing this one.

Your time in your post and your title do not match up though, so I’d take a look at that and make the appropriate edits. I’ll take a look and adjust the topic timer accordingly.



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