5SEP21 / 2100Z - Almost The Worlds Longest Flight @ KJFK - WSSS

                              Almost Worlds Longest Flight

  • New York To Singapore
    This route from New York to Singapore will take us over the Atlantic Ocean over Europe and down to Southern Asia. Join me as make the longest commercial flight. On this flight we will be flying on a Singapore Airlines A350-900.

  • Event Info

Server: Expert

Departure Airport: John F Kennedy International Airport (KJFK)

Arrival Airport: Singapore Changi International Airport (WSSS)

Time: 2021-09-05T21:00:00Z2021-09-06T16:00:00Z

Airport Charts
New York


  • If Joining
    If you are joining this event please reply to this message saying you will join. Then I will responding confirming you’re in. Prior to the event I will post the flight plan and other flight information. Before the event starts we ask that you spawn in 15 minutes prior to departure.

  • Important
    I will not be responsible for any violations that occur during this event.



  • Important
    I will not be responsible for any violations that occur during this event.

Thank you for taking your time to read my thread. See you in the skies.


I will join

You’re In!

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I will try my best to see if I can join! My device will probably explode LOL

Do the best you can. You’re in

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thank you!

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I know That’s why the route is “almost” because the longest flight is from Newark to Singapore, but Singapore Airlines also does fly from JFK to Singapore

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Really, interesting didn’t know about that

Fun fact, but from JFK it’s actually 3 miles longer, so the longest in the world

i’ll join this one

Yes but due the Covid they only fly cargo and JFK has better options for cargo connections.

Good thing this is on the A350!! 😂😂 I’ll join this since I have a cooling device on my phone!

Alright You’re in

Thanks For Joinng. See you in the skies!

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I would love to join but unfortunately I will not be able to be present…

Used to be KEWR. I currently work at KEWR and we don’t get Singapore Airlines, since after Covid JFK took the flight from us. It’s about 2-3 nms longer using KJFK than going to KEWR.

I will join!

Ah its ok next time

Thanks for joining. See you in the skies!

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Wow @Haki2019 you at KEWR! That’s so cool.

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