5SEP20 / 1400Z - Across the States @ KBOS to KSFO


About the event

Join us for a cross country flight from Boston to San Francisco with JetBlue’s A320 series aircraft. During this flight, we will fly across the US and go over the Rockies. With a beautiful departure, cruise, and arrival we assure you that you will get great pictures and content!

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Sever - Expert Server
Starting Airport - KBOS
Destination Airport - KSFO
Aircraft - A321/A320
Livery - JetBlue
Flight Time - 6 hours 42 minutes (approx.)
Cruise Altitude - FL360
Cruise Speed - M0.78
Flightplan - To be released
Event Time -2020-09-05T14:00:00Z

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Gate Pilot Aircraft
Terminal C Gate 08 @Saharsh A321
Terminal C Gate 09 @Chief_Beef A321
Terminal C Gate 10 @Bryan A321
Terminal C Gate 11 @Texan A321
Terminal C Gate 15 @ORD777flyer A321
Terminal C Gate 15A @IFRD-STARLING-VILLAR A320
Terminal C Gate 16 @ToasterStroodie (stand by)
Terminal C Gate 17 @Kbeemer A320
Terminal C Gate 18 @Mukundan_Srivatsa A321
Terminal C Gate 19
Terminal C Gate 20

More gates will be added if needed

Thank you Balloonchaser for the template

Repost because I posted the first one too early

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Thank you bro 🤠💪


im just gonna bump this

Is it possible to add some pictures and more details? maybe it will attract morre people but I dont mean to interferre

Can I be on standby, Saharsh? Not quite sure if I’m able to make it just yet

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Terminal C Gate 17 Thanks

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Can I have this one please. I’ll be using the A321

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Great event 😀

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Thanks! I appreciate it

@Mukundan_Srivatsa @Kbeemer Thanks for signing up!

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