5NOV22 / 18:00Z SouthwestVirtual Presents: The Chicago Invasion KORD Fly-In

SWVA 6 Years of Heart

Southwest Virtual Presents:

The Chicago Invasion

Join Southwest Virtual and our partners as we descend upon “The Busiest Square Mile in the World”. Choose one of our recommended routes on our beloved 737s, or choose your own!

About O’Hare

O’Hare began as a manufacturing plant for Douglas C-54 Skymasters during World War II. The site was known as Orchard Place, previously a small German-American farming community. Less known is the fact that it was the location of the Army Air Force’s 803rd Specialized Depot, a unit charged with storing many captured enemy aircraft. Douglas Company’s contract ended with the war’s conclusion. Douglas considered building airliners at Orchard, but chose to concentrate civil production at its headquarters in Santa Monica, California. With the departure of Douglas, the complex took the name Orchard Field Airport, and was assigned the IATA code ORD

We welcome all pilots to attend our event, but send express invites to our cherished partners:


Server: Expert

Airport: Chicago O’Hare KORD

Time: 5NOV22 18:00Z-19:00Z


Recommended Routes

Flight departs arrives Flight Time
WN343 KBNA KORD 1:45
WN581 KBWI KORD 2:10
WN169 KDEN KORD 2:30
WN339 KAUS KORD 2:40
WN830 KTPA KORD 2:50
WN1532 KMCO KORD 3:00
WN879 KRSW KORD 3:10
WN1507 KFLL KORD 3:25
WN652 KPHX KORD 3:25
WN836 KLAS KORD 3.35
WN1512 MMUN KORD 3:40

Parking Recommendations

Airline Gates
Southwest M1-M10
Alaska G1-G11
LOT M11-M21
UPS Cargo Ramps
Saudia B12-B22
RyanAir L1-L10
Air Europa B1-B11
Breeze G12-G22
Other Any Other Available


Frequency Operator
O’Hare Ground @parin365
O’Hare Tower @parin365
Chicago Approach Available
Chicago Departure Available
Chicago Center Available


Notice to Air Missions

Always follow ATC instructions. Pattern traffic will NOT be permitted; please file a valid flight plan. Recommended to obtain appropriate charts at https://airnav.com or https://skyvector.com. Spawn 15 minutes prior to your planned departure time and expect major inbound and outbound delays at all airports. If a reserved gate is in use when spawning, please choose the closest available gate. Retrieve the ATIS Information at both airports. You MUST check ATIS before pushback to determine whether ATC Gate Hold is in effect. If using Unicom/CTAF, announce takeoff before entering the runway surface. Hold short or Line Up and Wait until aircraft ahead rotates. Adjust speed to maintain ~12-15nm separation during all phases of flight. Exhibit professional conduct at all times. Adhere to all ATC instructions, and please be patient and courteous toward ATC and other pilots.

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For event, registration, or recruiting inquiries, please contact @VixenKasai. For other matters, including partnership, sponsorship, or private inquiries, please contact CEO @VegasKing.

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I gotta find a route lol

Odd, that you didn’t pick Midway, but O’hare also works, I guess lol. I’ll see what route will make sense for me right now :)

Look fun! I will definitely join!

Do we have to reserve a spot???

Wow! This looks like such a cool flyout! Let’s fill O Hare with Southwest! But unfortunately I can’t join.

There are no reservations as this is a Fly-In Event! Just choose a route that will let you arrive within the planned window, and we’ll see you there!


Hello! I’m the one who planed this event. Some of reasons I chose O’Hare over Midway is because one of our codeshares, LOT, does a long haul into here. It’s also bigger lol. I hope this cleared this up!

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I ll join. Maybe from Orlando.

I’ll take this please

We’re excited to see your attendance! There is no need to reserve a gate! Just pick a flight and we’ll see you there! Don’t forget that the event time is the start of the arrival window so don’t forget to depart with enough time to arrive within the window.

We can’t wait to see everyone there! We are also still looking for ATC.

Quick question could I use my call sign for the flight SWA564VA

Any SWVA Pilot should use their callsign.

Ok just wanted to make sure

I’ll take!

Got you down!

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Still looking for Radar controllers!

We can’t wait to see everyone there as well!

My flight for this event

Can’t wait to see everyone there!

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