5NOV22/1500Z: The Great Warsaw Flyout! @EPWA

Hey IFC! Welcome to the Great Warsaw Flyout I am hosting. Should be a fun experience for all to enjoy! This is my first event, so please excuse any mistakes.

If you want to sign up, comment a route and I will assign it to you. All gates are available for you to use.

Polskie: Hej IFC! Witam na Wielkim Wycieczce Warszawa, którą prowadzę. Powinno być zabawnym doświadczeniem dla wszystkich! To moja pierwsza impreza, więc proszę wybaczyć wszelkie błędy.

Jeśli chcesz się zapisać, skomentuj trasę, a ja Ci ją przydzielę. Wszystkie bramy są dostępne do użytku.
*My Polish isn’t great, please excuse any errors I make in the language.

As this flight is on the expert server, you are expected to follow all NOTAMS and ATC instruction. I am not responsible for any violation you may receive during this flight.

More Rules

Fly realistically
Taxi at a safe distance from other aircraft
Listen to ATC instructions
Have fun :D

Polska na zawsze!


| Ground, User: @TruKnight | Tower, User: @TruKnight | ATIS, User: @TruKnight

@TruKnight’s streaming link: Twitch

| LO834 | Paris CDG | E175 | User: @Wonderousbuilder641
| LO280 | London Heathrow (EGLL) | B738 User: @AmericanB772
| AA27 | New York JFK (KJFK)| B789 User: @FlyingWizard20
| LO4 | Chicago O’hare (KORD) | B788 User:
| LO300| Dublin Airport (EIDW) | E175 User: @United403
| EK177 | Dubai (OMDB) | B77W User: @RickysAviationYT
| LO853 | Tirana Airport (LATI)| B738 User: @miles
| LO8585| Corfu (LGKR) | B738 User:
| LO8521 | Zakinthos (LGZA) | B738 User:
| LO79 | Tokyo Narita (RJAA) | B788 User:
| W61475 | Barcelona El Prat (LEBL) A321 | User:
| QR260 | Doha Hamad (OTHH) | B788 User: @AirCanada11
| TK1766 | Istanbul (LTFM) | A321 User: @Apple_Haye
| D-DARK | Krakow (EPKK) | E175 User: @Darkspoul
| LO72 | Krakow | (EPKK) | E170 User: @sxwxyz (User requested signup outside of the IFC)
| LO10 | Prague | B738 User: @Butter575
| LO872 | Calgary CYYC | B788 User:
| LO928 | Frankfurt EDDF | B738 User: @XXTHUNDERDOMEXX
| LO385 | Belgrade LYBE | E175 User: @Rastko_Roza
| LO924 | Los Angeles KLAX | B788 User: @British_Aviator_YT
| LO834 | Krakow EPKK | E175 User: @ouzi
| EK2847 | Dubai OMDB | Boeing 777-300 User: @Endurable

Server: Expert
Airport: Warsaw Chopin Airport Lotnisko (EPWA)

Source: Chopin Airport - results for March 2020 | Warsaw Chopin Airport | Routes

Looking forward to your signups!


I’ll take any short flight

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Got it! You’re signed up :D

For anyone else who wants a shorter flight, I will be happy to add one :D

The date in the title js wrong just to let you know🙈

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Thanks for pointing that out :D

Also do you have a preferred gate?

Heck yeah I have always wanted a Warsaw flyout!

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May I have this please an thank you!|
LO280 | London Heathrow (EGLL) | B738 User:
I might even do a trip report of the flight I do in this event!

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You are signed up :D

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Thank you!

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You’re welcome :D

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This please

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Can I actually take LOT 738 to Prague please?

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Updated :D

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I’ll take the E175 flight to Paris please. I’ll fly it with the LOT livery, right?

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Yes, with the LOT livery, if the E175 is reworked and there actually is a LOT livery. I will sign ya up :D

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Can i take the TK1766 to Istanbul

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Yep! You’re signed up :D

Can i get any gate to Belgrade on Lot E175, thanks

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