5MAY24 / 1630 [ 6 Gates Left] Enter Summertime: a Sarasota Fly-In Event!

@Avaitor1 SUMMON

Hello everyone! I haven’t hosted an event in a while, so it’s time to do another one! To celebrate the approach of summer, I’d love to host an event in one of my favorite airports! SRQ! I fly there every year for my summer vacation, and the city of Sarasota is beautiful!

Background Info

Sarasota Bradenton International airport is the main airport for the city of Sarasota on the west coast of Florida! Sarasota is a rapidly growing mid size city with a population of 57,376! Downtown is located right on the bay, which if you cross, you can find Longboat Key, Siesta Key, and of course my all time favorite, in which my beach house is located… Lido key!

KSRQ Airport handles around 3-4 Million passengers every single year!

Although most of the airports traffic comes from GA aircraft, specifically from one of the various flight schools on the airport… the airport also has a 13-Gate terminal, used by Air Canada, Allegiant, American Airlines, American Eagle, Avelo, Breeze, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, Sun Country, and United Airlines. The airport is also frequently visited by USAF and USCG c130s, and occasionally Air Force One! Historically, this airport has been served historically by many airlines, including AirTran, WestJet, Air Canada Rouge, Eastern, and so many more.


Airport Diagram (Expires May 16th)

  • I am not responsible for violations
  • Use Unicom correctly if there is no ATC
  • If ATC is active listen to their instructions
  • Please do not depart before your departure time.

How this Fly-In will Work:
We should all be in SRQ in between 2024-05-11T20:30:00Z2024-05-11T21:30:00Z. The start and end times are in the middle of the hour so that we can arrive early, or late… as we should all aim for 2024-05-11T21:00:00Z. Whichever route you choose to do, you have a set departure time that you have some flexibility on. I recommend departing at or 30 minutes after your departure time.


Commercial Traffic
  • JetBlue 163 | Airbus A320 | KJFK-KSRQ | Depart at 2024-05-11T18:30:00Z | Gate B2 | @Anthony_Gulluscio

  • Sun Country 941 | 737-800 | KMSP-KSRQ | Departs at 2024-05-11T18:20:00Z | Gate B12 |

  • Allegiant Airlines 4883 | Airbus A320| KDAL-KSRQ | Departs at 2024-05-11T18:40:00Z | Gate B5 |

  • American Airlines 2522 | Airbus A320 | KCLT-KSRQ | Departs at 2024-05-11T19:40:00Z | Gate B3 | @MAviationYT

  • United Airlines 2631 | Airbus A319 | KEWR-KSRQ | Departs at 2024-05-11T18:40:00Z | Gate B7 |

  • Delta Airlines 2747 | Boeing 757-200 | KATL-KSRQ | Departs at 2024-05-11T19:50:00Z | Gate B6 | @CedricFlys

  • American Airlines 2671 | Boeing 737-800 | KDFW-KSRQ | Departs at 2024-05-11T18:30:00Z | Gate B1 | @YAWspeed

  • Avelo Airlines | Boeing 737-800 | KHVN-KSRQ | Departs at 2024-05-11T18:30:00Z | Gate B14 |

  • Southwest 2590 | Boeing 737-700 | KBNA-KSRQ | Departs at 2024-05-11T19:30:00Z | Gate B8 |

  • Delta Airlines | Airbus A220-300 | KLGA-KSRQ | Departs at 2024-05-11T18:40:00Z | Gate B4 |

  • Breeze Airways 504 | A220-300 | KBDL-KSRQ | Departs at 2024-05-11T18:30:00Z | Gate B9 |

  • Frontier Airlines 1239 | Airbus A320 | KPHL-KSRQ | Departs at 2024-05-11T18:55:00Z | Gate B11 |

Corporate Flights
  • NetJets 545 | Challenger 350 | HND-KSRQ | Departs at 2024-05-11T16:30:00Z | Parking: FBO Rectrix 01 | @ShoshanaReuben

  • NetJets 615 | Challenger 350 | KDFW-KSRQ | Departs at 2024-05-11T18:50:00Z | Parking: FBO Rectrix 01 |

  • AmericanB772 Airways | A320 | KMCO-KSRQ | Departs at 2024-05-11T20:10:00Z | Parking: FBO Dolphin Aviation 01 |

Note that there is a TON of GA aircraft traffic irl, but due to their parking spaces not being included in the infinite flight model of SRQ, and conflict with traffic, I decided not to include any of that.


ATIS: @Butter575
Ground: @Butter575
Tower: @Butter575
Miami Center:
Jacksonville Center:
STANDBY ATC: @Lingling89

Thanks all who choose to participate, have a nice day!

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Let’s get some signups!

Can I get any (commercial) gate, Sun Country to Minneapolis?

Done! I’ve swapped you out for one of the flights I had there which I figured wouldn’t get anyone anyway, so you’re signed up! See you then! Your departure time from MSP is 2024-05-11T18:20:00Z

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I will take this

I got you down! Cya then!

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I will take this

Welcome to the community! Your signed up with a departure time of 2024-05-11T18:55:00Z

Small bump for the IFATC folks!

I will arrive at B14, is it okay if I fly from KMCO in the generic livery, its my made up airline that has a hub at KMCO.

What aircraft? B14 has a pretty cool airline/route for this area, so I would like to keep it until last minute to see if anyone will take it, so I’ll eventually put you on if it’s open still, but for the time being, can I put your parking as like an FBO or something? If your in an a320 or something along those lines I’m sure it will work

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Sure, thats fine, thank you!

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You’re all set! You depart from MCO at 2024-05-11T20:10:00Z, and at Srq your parking spot (for the time being) is FBO dolphin aviation!

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Woo hoo! 10 days to the event! 9 gates left and 2 cooperate flights! All atc positions are open!!

Sorry to ruin the moment, but I can’t attend

I’ll take this please!

Can I take this one?

No problem! I’ll take you off.

Sure! Your departure time is 2024-05-11T18:30:00Z

Of course!! Your departure time is 2024-05-11T19:50:00Z

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All ATC positions still available!

I’m a maybe: taking my practical this weekend.