5JUN20/2300Z || Any one want to do a flight of 10 || @KIAH-KEWR


  • Aircraft and Livery: United a320 United 737-700 737-800 737-900 United 757-200 both star alliance and continental 767-300 continental 777-200ER United 777-9 United and 787-10 United

  • Route: KIAH-KEWR

  • Time of Departure: 7:00pm EST

  • Server: trainer server

  • Additional Information:
    departure runway at IAH 15L
    order of the departure:
    Infiniteflightgeek United 787-10
    Oskapew United 787-9
    Pilotcharlse737 United 777-200ER
    Pilotcharles737 United 767-300
    Pilotcharles737 United star 757-200
    Pilotcharles737 United 757-200
    United 737-900
    United 737-800
    United 737-700
    United A320-200

I need at least 6 people bc I have 4 accounts
I will make the flight plan and then u guys just copy mine
This will be vary confusing to ATC but we can keep track and why I say this is bc the call signs are going to be UA2020 flight of 10 so it is going to be amazing

Now for the gates:
A320 gate C17
737-700 gate D03
737-800 gate D02
737-900 gate D01
757 star gate D06
757 CON gate C24W
767 gate C16
777-200ER gate D07
787-9 D05
787-10 gate D04

I will operate:
Both th 757s and the 767 and the 777-200ER

The way we should depart is 1st on does the push back then once he starts to depart then the 2nd 1 does a push back and does the same thing then then the 3rd pushes back once the 2nd one gets ready for take off ex.

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I will come can I sign up at Gate D04 in the 787-10?

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Forgot to mentioned we are gonna cruise at fl380 and the speeds for the 787-10 787-9 777-200 will be m0.89
The rest will go at m0.86 also when u hit cruising never have flaps on always set to 0 so u don’t have drag

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Hello! Please check this topic for assistance formatting your title. Thanks!

Sure thing

Looks fun! I’ll take the UA 787-9 slot if that’s okay! Thanks!

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Ok what do should I put in the title then?

Change title to

5JUNE20 / 1100Z- Any one want to do a flight of 10- @KIAH

Ok then ok then so like a date of time or something like that?


Date then time, event name, @airport

Like that is what it should look like

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Oh ok thanks

No worries, I changed it for ya :)
Its all good now

Have a nice flight

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Thank u for doing that

Need 4 more people to fly the 737s and the a320 along with the I did not realize I put 11 aircraft

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So I changed the name to flight of 11

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Don’t think you can have a flight of 11 in IF…

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We can’t put it in the callsighn but we can still do a flight of 11


Don’t out in your callsign “flight of **”, unless you are flying formation
Which isn’t really the case in this groupflight

We are except flight of 11 does not exist unfortunately

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