5JUL20 / 1800Z Tioman Airport Landing Challenge @WSSS

Tioman Landing Challenge


Hello guys!!! Welcome to the beautiful Tioman island!!! This mini island is off the coast of Malaysia. This airport only serves about 5 flights a day and pretty much is used by private pilots.

For this fly-in landing challenge, we will start in Singapore, and will make our way up north towards Tioman. This runway is very small, and the approach is surrounded by mountains. During the approach stage, all pilots will follow the pilot in-front of them, and will need to insure a safe distance.

Event Details

Server: EXPERT
Airport: WSSS-WMBT
Aircraft: Cesna172, 208 Caravan, Citation X, and the SR22
Time: 2020-07-05T18:00:00Z
Time switches to your time zone


Gate Pilot Aircraft
Hangar B-3 208 Caravan
Hangar B-4 Citation X
Hangar B-5 @GLITCH_GAMES Citation X
Hangar B-6 @Anshul_Patil Citation X
MIL B 1-1
MIL B 1-2
MIL B 1-3
MIL B 1-4

More gates will be added when needed

Thanks for choosing my event and hope to see you in the skies,


Did anybody spot the funny thing in the picture? If you do, PM me

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Wished i could join but its 2am in singapore :( but the funny thing is the soccer ball in the pool right?

Nah that ain’t it. I think. To me it looks like a guy or gal snorkeling


Hey There! Thank you for your post!
Please have another look at this!

Your title is incorrect! It should say,

1JUL20 / (here is where your Zulu time goes)

Here’s a Zulu time conversion website!

TimeBie -- Time Converters among Different Time Zones

Also where you put @ WSSS- WMBT

It should only say @ WSSS

Thank you

Don’t worry. I changed it for him 😉

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Thank you!

Signups are still open, let’s fill the gates

Sign me up. Hanger b-4. Citation X plz

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Kk, I changed the date to the 5th

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Are there any approach charts for the airport?

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I will release them the day of

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Could I take hanger b5. I’ll fly a citation x

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Could we fly a ACJ A318 ?

Can i have hangar B6 flying a cessna citation

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No, because that airport I don’t think allows that aircraft, we will be sticking to the aircraft above


Sorry i cant

Make it to the EVENT


I’ll take a gate, in the C750 please.

I don’t think that aircraft is available for this flight

I absolutely would sign up but I already signed up for the El Al event tomorrow.