5GHz WiFi with Infinite Flight and ForeFlight

Hi everyone, I use ForeFlight with Infinite Flight, and have noticed since I have changed and upgraded my WiFi from 2.4GHz to 5GHz that there is quite a substantial delay in the information ForeFlight is receiving from Infinite Flight with regards aircraft speed and position.
I was just wondering if any staff or anyone with a good knowledge of Infinite Flight, ForeFlight, and 5GHz WiFi can help? I never had this issue on my 2.4GHz WiFi :)

A 2.4GHz WiFi band will cover much more range, so, if you’re in a bigger house, or if you find yourself oftentimes further away from the router, you’ll benefit from the greater range of a 2.4GHz WiFi band, at the cost of some speed.

With a 5GHz WiFi band, you sacrifice a chunk of that range for faster speeds, provided your device supports 5GHz and you are close enough that you’re not outside of the effective range of the 5GHz band.

Check to see if your device supports 5GHz networking, and if so, try moving closer to your router and see if that helps. Buying some access points can also help increase coverage around and about your residence.


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