5FEB22/1100Z - From Coast to Coast Down Under Edition! @YPPH

Picture Creds: ChrisLait

Hey Guys! I will be hosting an event on Saturday from Perth to Sydney onboard the Qantas A330-300 Paint Scheme! I am planning to do more of these IFC Flights to get the community involved in my videos! So the reason why I picked this route is because Sydney (SYD) (YSSY) Is scheduled to have ATC on Expert This weekend! Anyways More Info Below:

Date: February 5th 2022
Time: 11:00z
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 4 Hours

Departure: Perth, YPPH
Arrival: Sydney, YSSY

Time Conversions:

New York - 6:00AM
Los Angeles - 3:00AM
Tokyo - 8:00PM
Perth - 7:00PM
Delhi - 4:30PM
Jeddah - 2:00PM
Frankfurt - 12:00PM
Sao Paulo - 8:00AM
Bridgetown - 7:00AM
Sydney - 10:00PM
Johannesburg - 1:00PM

Flight Information:

Airline: Qantas
Aircraft: A330-300
Cruise ALT: FL390
Planned Takeoff Runway: 03
Planned Landing Runway: 34L

For InFlight Communication Please Contact me on Discord @RickysAviationYT#7982 so I can invite you to my Discord Server…

If anyone would like to be ATC again contact me on Discord or just comment dow below on this post!

Hope To See You Guys there!

  • Ricky

Ok! Can’t wait to join

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Brilliant! Are you in my discord server by any chance for communication?

May i join the discord?

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I can give you the link

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Thank You!

No problem mate

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Sign ups still available?

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Yeah! Starting in 10 mins though

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