5FEB21/ 8:00EST- Private Plane Flight @VHHH to EHAM

Aircraft type: 737BBJ

Time of Departure: 8:00P.M EST

Server: Expert

Flight plan: BEKO3A BEKOL A461 YIN/K0878S1010 A461 ZHO/K0857S0980 B208 NOPIN/K0850S1040 B208 EPKUT/K0837S1100 B208 MU A575 DARNO/K0837F360 P982 TR A308 ABK R104 BA/K0830F380 R229 XV B228 LITUN DCT UNISO/K0846F260 R22 KTL/K0867F400 N742 METAT G908 OTLAS R959 MOTUD R902 AGBON G445 SPB B141 RANVA/N0465F400 P863 DEREX P739 KOLJA M611 CDA Z701 GOBOT UZ701 EEL EEL1B

Please copy my FPL and spawn within 15 min before pushback. (Push back will be at 8:00EST.) Please stay about 6NM away from me and the cruise speed would be 0.78 Mach. And the Flight Time is 12-13 hours.

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