5FEB21 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: The Peak Tram Trip @ VHHH

Yayyyy! Finally home !

Yesss!!! I will definitely come to join this event because it is my old home airport

Thank you Misha for a great FNF! Hong Kong is a nice place to fly!

A beautiful opportunity to fly the Jet Airways A330 route from VIDP-VHHH! Thank you Misha👍

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Yes, I can’t wait to fly the Jet Airways A330 on this route. Or on VABB-VHHH also. Great FNF!

wow a lot of selection of airports here, find me around alaska or australia tomorrow!

2 good FNF’s in a row! Now that’s what I’m talking about! Will definitely fly for @CathayPacificVA tomorrow!

I’m sure my friend would be happy if he saw his hometown airport here😂

This one’s an interesting FNF, nice one. Thanks!

I’ll get to PANC by 06:40 ZULU, who’s got my back for controller?

There are two airports in the north of China. Northern friends can have fun today!

Hard to say. Controlling is voluntary so it may or may not be controlled them.

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Great FNF once again @MishaCamp
Will fly in the region & land in WSSS for the world’s longest scheduled flight event at 2021-02-05T20:00:00Z

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Not sure if this is the right place but just gonna throw my opinion/feedback in, friend got ghosted because he got thrown left and right from 1 appr to another, it’s rather obvious that he has to repeat his instructions/requests to ATC over and over again. I know and I’m aware that its hard handling 100+ people at once but to the ATCs who were on at 8:52 pm (GMT 8+), (or are on now) please at least try to work together, can’t just throw players from .35 to .55 multiple times and ghost them.

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ask your friend to contact the controller or @appeals to get it sorted. Make sure he has a replay to provide. For next time, this isn’t a place to post. Welcome back to the community!

Sorry to hear this. As mentioned above can can pm the @appeals group with the proper format including a replay file, and they’ll take a look if it can be reversed. In the mean time I’d encourage you to get in contact with the controller(s) to better understand their intention. A guide to finding you controller(s) is linked below.


I know that’s why I asked…

Alright, thank you. Thanks to the other guy as well

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I’m excited to hear to Hong Kong!!! This is going to be awesome!

is this going on tonight? i wanna do this so badly! i’ll be starting in chicago 😁