5FEB2021 / 0100Z - Asia’s World city to The Windy City @VHHH

Hi IFC, my first actual event will be hosted tomorrow. As the FNF was introduced and it is in Hong Kong, I would like to do a flight from VHHH (Chep Lak Kok) to KORD (O’hare). Join me at 32,000 feet Anyhow, Let’s fly to the Windy City!

Server: Expert
Airport: VHHH, KORD
Time: 0100Z or 9:00PM Barbados time.
Livery: Cathay Pacific 777-300ER
Flight Time: 14 hours and 35 Minutes

Be respectful to all ATC
Do not blame me for any violations.
Space out, please.
No escorts, for the love of god.
Copy FPL from 8P-BAJ
Cruising Altitude: 32,000ft FL320

Gates: Cathay Pacific uses Terminal 1, so you must use one gate.

Terminal 1 Gates

Take a look and suggest a gate.
Example: Gate XXX, can I take that please?
See you at 32,000 feet

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