5DEC20 / 2200Z - The New Jersey Flyout! - @ KACY

Hello! This is my first event I’m doing, this airport is based around where I live, so I thought it would be a great first event for me. so Atlantic City Int’l airport is an airport based in Egg Harbor Township NJ. at the moment it only has Spirit Airlines as its only airline, but it used to have routes with air Canada (seasonal) and united for around a year, they also had Delta flights going to Boston but not anymore. I have flown out of this place a few times myself, the place is so big but so little people around. since there is so little destinations, im gonna use flights used now and some that used to happen, im also taking a flight or 2 from Trenton’s airport which operates frontier flights, and they also had WestJet flights going to Toronto as well.

Expert Server

Atlantic City Int’l Airport KACY/ACY

2020-12-05T23:00:00Z 2200Z

Port Authority takeover sought for Atlantic City airport | Bond Buyer

3 - Airport Technology

note that some of these routes are used from airlines that used to exist or used many years ago

Airline Plane Destination Gate Pilot

Spirit A320 Orlando KMCO GA 1 @Patrick_Sterling_Jr

Spirit A321 Fort Lauderdale KFLL GA 2 @Johnt30

Spirit A321 Las Vegas KLAS GA 3

Air Canada A319 Toronto CYYZ USCG APRON 3

Spirit A320 Fort Myers KRSW GA 4

United 737-800 Chicago KORD GA 7 @zion89

United 737-900 Houston KIAH GA 8 @Adrian_K

Frontier A320 West Palm Beach KPBI USCG APRON 2

Spirit A320 Atlanta KATL GA 5

Delta ERJ 170 Boston KBOS GA 10 @DeltaFox

WestJet 737-700 Toronto CYYZ USCG APRON 1

Spirit A320 Myrtle Beach KMYR USCG APRON 4

US Airways 757-200/A320 Pittsburgh KPIT GA 6

Continental 757-200 Cleveland Hopkins Intl KCLE GA 9

Delta CRJ-900 Cinncinati KCVG USCG APRON 5 @InfiniteFlight48

(Old) American Airlines MD-11 Buffalo KBUF USCG Apron 6 @GameBoy_KIRB

i just swapped to expert just in case people dont like events in training server.

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I’ll sign can I get gate 2 to Fort Lauderdale?

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yes you can. thanks for joining!

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ATTENTION! im postponing the event to DEC 5th same time, I’m postponing due to the 22nd being too competitive and it will give me a better chance to get more signups

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yes, you can! thanks for joining!

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first not gonna bump it as often anymore, next I added another route that I think is a new route for the airport, (its the Myrtle Beach route)

I did a KACY flyout before and it is my home airport too! Great job!

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Can I please have the Delta flight to Boston, thank you!

sure thing, thanks for joining!

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Big update for the event, I added 4 more routes, (Delta, American, US airways, and Continental) if the US airways and continental liveries are gone from update 20.3 than backup would be for US airways their A320 and for Continental use United livery for 757 instead of united continental livery. Happy flying all!

Event is in 2 weeks!