5DEC20 / 1700Z -3RD Ever Kansas City Flyout! @KMCI [DEPARTED]

Kansas City International Airport (IATA: MCI ,ICAO: KMCI, FAA LID: MCI) (originally Mid-Continent International Airport) is a public airport 15 miles (24 km) northwest of Downtown Kansas City in Platte Country, Missouri. In 2019, 11,795,635 passengers used the airport, the second busiest in its history.

This a good airport but nobody flys to here in Infinite Flight so hopefully more people can, Runway 27 And 9 are closed to keep in mind.

Server Training Server

Airport KMCI


Airport Diagram

Terminal A


7 gates left.

Terminal B
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
Gate 59 Delta E175 KMSP
Gate 60 Delta E175 KDTW
Gate 57 Delta 737-800 KATL @Butter_Boi
Gate 39 Southwest 738-800 KDAL @zion89
Gate 35 Southwest 738-800 KDEN @Airliner
Gate 34 Southwest 737-700 KMDW
Gate 41 Southwest 738-800 KTPA @PilotA320
Gate 40 Southwest 737-700 KHOU
Gate 37 Southwest 737-700 KBNA
Gate 38 Southwest 737-700 KATL @plane_guy12
Gate 45 Southwest 738-800 KPHX @Fung_Sum-sum
Gate 52 Allegiant Air A320 KPGD
Gate 43 Southwest 738-800 KOAK

If you guys have United E175 just put it to E170 and for American put it to US Airways for E175 thank you for coming everybody.

8 gates left.

Terminal C
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
Gate 81 American E175 KDFW @Errigal
Gate 85 American E175 KORD
Gate 83 American E175 KCLT
Gate 79 American CRJ-900 KPHX
Gate 82 American E175 KMIA
Gate 78 Alaska 739-900 KSEA @Aviation108
Gate 69 United E175 KIAH @DeltaFox
Gate 68 United A320 KDEN
Gate 62 United E175 KORD
Gate 76 Frontier A320 KDEN
Gate 77 Spirit A320 KLAX
Cargo Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Gate Anywhere FedEx Cargo Plane KAFW
Gate Anywhere UPS Cargo Plane PANC
Gate Anywhere FedEx Cargo Plane KMEM


Spawn 10-15 minutes at your gate if ATC presents then follow all directions and wind will tell me which runaway were going to use happy flying.


@MJP_27 Tower and Ground
@Cooper_Marcukaitis Departure


Put me under gate 34 Southwest Airlines to Chicago midway @PilotA320


Your all signed up @SWA1997 your callsign to Chicago Midway is 3329 have a good flight.


Thank u so much


Your welcome.


this gate please.


You got your all signed up your call sign is 6146 to Houston have a nice day.


CAN YOU ADD ME TO Gate 39 Southwest 738-800 KDAL


Your call sign is 3303 to Dallas Love Field TX, good day.

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time zone?

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Chicago Time zone.

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I see if I can

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Hey dude.

You should use this and put it using this format so it doesnโ€™t cause confusion.

Also, can I provide ATC?

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Sure you can.

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Your now ATC for tower and ground.

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Terminal C

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
Gate 79 American CRJ-900 KPHX
Can I request that route?
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You are all signed your flight number is 5998 to Phoenix AZ, have a nice day.

Letโ€™s get more signups.

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Pls people help @PilotA320 out he needs more sign ups ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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Put me under Gate 38 Southwest to Atlanta please, @PilotA320

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