5AUG20 / 1900Z - Norwegian Air or SAS@ ENGM to ENBO

Livery: 737-800 or A320 Norwegian air or SAS

Server: Expert

Time: 1900Z

Cruising altitude: 310

Flight plan: Any

Speed: Mach 0.86

Time of dep 1915Z


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What Else did i miss this is my first time sorry

It’s ok!

Here are some important points:

Event must be 3 hours within the time of post

Your title would be 05AUG20 / TIMEZ Norwegian Airlines @ENGM

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Basically you need to format your title the right way. Also group flights aren’t allowed to be posted more than 3 hours before the flight.
An example title can be found here.
It’s ok, you’re new to the community and we all made these mistakes.

Anything else?

You’re formatting is perfect. However, your event is more than 3 hours away. Group Flights must be posted within 3 hours of departure time.

How do I like save it and post it later?

You can copy this into your notes app (if you are in iOS).

Ok and you are going to delete it?

I’ll flag this for closure so Moderators can close this topic

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