5AUG20 / 1700Z - Norwegian Air or SAS@ ENGM to ENBO

Livery: 737-800 or A320 Norwegian air or SAS

Server: Expert

Time: 7:00pm

Cruising altitude: 310

Flight plan: Any

Speed: Mach 0.82

Time of dep 1715Z

This looks really fun! Just one thing, 1900Z is in 5 hours. For the future could you follow the rules of the category? It states that you have to post no more than 3 hours before the he event starts.

You can check it out here for more info:

Also I would recommend lowering your cruise speed, 0.86 is a bit high. Have fun though!


Wait its 16:30 in europe and its 2,30 hours to 19:00 so

It’s 14:38Z at the moment. You can look up “Current Zulu time if you want”

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What time is 19:00 in Zulu

What time zone are you in?

I am in germany

It’s 6:15pm in Germany right now, so is this in 45 minutes?

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Yes that’s correct

Ok, gotcha. So that will be 1700Z - I’ll fix the title.

Anyways, Have a lovely flight! Always loved flying around Scandinavia, shame I can’t join.


Ok, thanks this is my first time so I’m really sorry that I don’t do it correctly

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