58:58 hours

Hello, how are you ?, I finished 58:58 hours non-stop only for refueling and for about two and a half days, the beginning was from the airport of the capital Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, then I went east to Miami and the second station was to refuel, and then I headed to the United States to John of Kennedy Airport and this third station, then went to Europe specifically the state of Croatia and this fourth station, and after refueling I returned west to South America in particular the country of the far west, and finally after refueling in Chile, I went east to the Indian Ocean in particular the island of Arenion T. Seven of the State of France in particular airport FMEE here was the end of the flight ,

I leave you with some pictures


Awesome this might be one of the longest flights someone has ever done, just short of the record of 72hrs! You must have a great device. Must have felt great when landing… well done 👍.
Happy Flying :D

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Wow, pretty impressive!

There are some dedicated threads here on the forum for you to share your achievement:

Happy flying!



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