[56 attending][Partnered with AFKLM and DLVA] Huge EHAM fly-out: KLM 100th anniversary @EHAM 051830ZOCT19



On October 7th, KLM will be the first airline in the world, reaching 100 years, still operating under it’s original name. We want to celebrate that with an EHAM fly-out. EHAM is the hub of KLM and its subsidiary companies: Transavia and Martinair. We also have some routes from other Skyteam members and other very good partners from KLM.

About Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and KLM

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, EHAM, was officially founded in 1920, but the first plane landed there on 19th September 1916. The airfield was first used as an millitary base, but when civil aviation became more and more popular, on the 7th of October, Albert Plesman founded KLM, wich means Koningklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij in dutch, Royal Dutch Airlines in English. The first regular service was on the 17th of May, 1920 between Amsterdam and London. From there, KLM expanded itsself 100 years till where they are now.

Event info

Date and time - 2019-10-05T18:30:00Z
Server - Expert server
Airport - EHAM


Amsterdam has a bunch of destination, but because you just cant have every route and every airline at the same time. Due to this we have choosen the main Airlines and other skyteam routes that fly to EHAM. We have filled up every used gate. Please understand this. If you want a route, that is not listed yet, just ask me if I can add it!!. Please only request KLM, Transavia, Delta or other skyteam routes. Also make sure that the destination is used in real life. Spawn at your assigned gate 10-15 minutes before the start to take pictures! You are not allowed to pushback at the same time as the plane next to you. @Flying_dutchman1 will send you a message the day before the event starts, with your flight plan. If there is IFATC, you must follow all the instructions given to you. Not following IFATC instructions, may result in ghosting. And last but not least, Have a lot of fun!!

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B Gates - 13 left
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline City IFC name Callsign
B13 EGGD E190 KLM Cityhopper Bristol
B15 EDDN E190 KLM Cityhopper Nuremberg
B16 EDDF E190 KLM Cityhopper Frankfurt
B17 LSFB E190 KLM Cityhopper Basel
B20 EGNJ E190 KLM Cityhopper Humberside @Jack_Farrar GAVA122
B23 LPPR E190 KLM Cityhopper Porto
B24 EGHI E190 KLM Cityhopper Southampton
B27 LEVC E190 KLM Cityhopper Valencia
B28 EGNM E190 KLM Cityhopper Leeds
B31 LDZA E190 KLM Cityhopper Zagreb
B32 EGNV E190 KLM Cityhopper Darlington @wingmandude KLM 1539
B35 LFMT E190 KLM Cityhopper Montpellier
B36 EDDS E190 KLM Cityhopper Stuttgart
B72 EGSH E190 KLM Cityhopper Norwich @kenny3 KLM492
B73 EICK A320 Aer Lingus Cork @Gary_Crinnion EIVA004
B74 EDDL E190 KLM Cityhopper Dusseldorf
B76 EBBR E190 KLM Cityhopper Brussels @Captain_George_IF 171
B82 ELLX E190 KLM Cityhopper Luxembourg
B84 EDDW E190 KLM Cityhopper Bremen
B92 EGLC E190 KLM Cityhopper London @Will_A KLM 981
B94 EDDV E190 KLM Cityhopper Hannover
C Gates - 12 left
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline City IFC name Callsign
C4 EGLL B737-700 KLM London @daan0411 KLM1031
C5 EGLL B737-900 KLM London
C6 EDDH B737-700 KLM Hamburg
C7 LFPG B737-700 KLM Paris
C8 LEMG B737-700 KLM Malaga
C9 EFHK B737-700 KLM Helsinki
C10 LEMD B737-900 KLM Madrid
C11 LIRF B737-900 KLM Rome
C12 ESSA B737-700 KLM Stockholm
C13 LEAL B737-700 KLM Alicante
C14 EPWA B737-700 KLM Warsaw
C15 LFBO B737-900 KLM Toulouse
C16 LFML B737-700 KLM Marseille @AFKLM_Alexandre AFKLM264
C18 EPKK B737-700 KLM Krakow
D gates - 29 left
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline City IFC name Callsign
D2 KMCO B767-300 Delta Orlando
D3 LEMD B787 Air Europa Madrid
D4 LTAI B737-800 Transavia Antalya
D5 LOWI B737-800 Transavia Innsbruck
D7 KTPA B767-300 Delta Tampa
D8 LLBG B737-900 KLM Tel Aviv
D10 LFPG B737-800 Transavia Paris @MAXSKYCREW BAVA130
D12 ENGM B737-700 KLM Oslo
D14 LROP A318-100 Tarom Bucharest
D16 LEBL B737-800 Transavia Barcelona
D18 LOWW B737-700 KLM Vienna
D22 GCTS B737-800 Transavia Tenerife
D23 LEMD B737-700 / B737-900 KLM Madrid @Delightt1 AFKLM222
D24 LIRP B737-800 Transavia Pisa
D25 GBYD B737-800 TUI Banjul
D26 LEPA B737-800 Transavia Palma de Mallorca
D27 LEGE B737-800 Transavia Girona
D28 EFHK B737-800 Transavia Helsinki
D29 LPPT B737-800 Transavia Lisbon
D31 ULLI B737-700 / B737-900 KLM Saint Petersburg
D41 LIRF B737-800 Alitalia Rome
D43 KBOS B767-300 / A330-300 Delta Boston
D44 LROP B737-700 / 737-900 KLM Bucharest
D47 KJFK B767-300 / A330-300 Delta New York
D48 LGKR B737-800 Transavia Corfu
D49 LCPH B737-800 Transavia Phapos
D51 LTFM B737-700 KLM Istanbul
D52 LPFR B737-800 Transavia Faro @Yemster8 AFKLM259
D53 GCLP B737-800 Transavia Gran Canaria
D54 LTFE B737-800 Transavia Bodrum
D55 LIRN B737-800 Transavia Naples
D56 LGAV B737-700 / B737-900 KLM Athens @John_Ryan1 AFKLM114
D57A LEIB B737-800 TUI Ibiza
E gates - Full
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline City IFC name Callsign
E2 KLAX A330-300 Delta Los Angeles @Jrpilot5 Delta2314
E3 KDTW A330-300 (A350 if released) Delta Detroit @UnitedGuy19 Delta190
E4 OMDB B777-200 KLM Dubai @guxk DLVA128
E5 KPDX B767-300 Delta Portland @Leonard_Paulson DLVA702
E6 FAOR Boeing 777-300ER KLM Johannesburg @Adam_Goodman KLM591
E7 KSEA A330-300 Delta Seattle @Tyler_shah DL145
E8 MPTO B777-300ER KLM Panama City @Carlo-Espino10 KLM757
E9 KMSP A330-300 Delta Minneapolis @Aceorbit DLVA452
E17 KSLC B767-300 Delta Salt Lake City @Adam.Playz AD4M
E19 KATL A330-300 / B767-300 Delta Atlanta @warha DLVA72
E20 KIAH B777-200ER KLM Washington D.C. @Ramzi_Khairan AFKLM319
E22 KSLC B787-9 KLM Salt Lake City @KGJT-9149 KLM9149
E24 RJAA B777-300ER KLM Tokyo @Edivan_dcds AFKLM152
F gates - Full
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline City IFC name Callsign
F3 KJFK B787-9 KLM New York @DylanHK DLVA48
F4 VABB B787-9 KLM Mumbai @DhruvChopra AFKLM136
F5 RJBB B777-200ER KLM Osaka @SirMarkieMark DLVA1906
F6 TNCC B747-400 KLM Curaçao @Infinite_Qantas KLM863
F7 WSSS B777-300ER KLM (Orange pride livery) Singapore @Flying_dutchman1 AFKLM173
F8 HTKJ B787-10 KLM Kilimanjaro @Lil_Qaz KLM738
F9 ZSPD B787-9 KLM Shanghai @Hexmont KLM893
G gates, 1 left
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline City IFC name Callsign
G2 CYYZ B747-400 KLM Toronto @Everything_Matthew KLM691
G3 ZSAM B787-8 Xiamen Air Xiamen @Ajith_Anand MF812
G4 KORD B777-200ER KLM Chicago @Sunseeker58 DLVA133
G5 SPJC B777-200ER KLM Lima @Ozzy GAVA001
G6 VHHH B777-200ER KLM Hong Kong @Alphadog4646 AFKLM230
G7 WIII B777-300ER Garuda Indonesia Jakarta @matt777 GAVA002
G8 VTBS A380-800 Emirates Dubai
G9 SAEZ B787-9 KLM Buenos Aires @Emiel_l GAVA007
H gates - 5 left
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline City IFC name Callsign
H1 LIMC A320 / A319 Easyjet Milan
H2 LSGG A320 / A319 Easyjet Geneva
H3 EDDB A320 / A319 Easyjet Berlin @Inside_Flight U24572
H4 EGGP A319 Easyjet Liverpool @Zak_Plant Easyjet7004
H5 LKPR A320 Easyjet Prague
H6 EIDW B738 Ryanair Dublin
H7 LEMG B738 Ryanair Malaga
G, J and P Aprons, 11 left
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline City IFC name Callsign
G71 KJFK B747-400 KLM New York @PeopleLion D-Day66
G73 KSFO B787-9 United Airlines San Fransisco @United_1154 United969
G76 KLAX B747-400 KLM Los Angeles @alex_kyte DLVA1095
G79 KMSP B777-200 KLM Minneapolis @northwest KLM655
J80 KSFO B747-400 KLM San Fransisco @GlobalFlyer1 KLM605
J81 RKSI B777-200ER Korean Air Seoul
J83 KIAH B777-200ER United Houston
J84 RCTP B777-300ER China Airlines Taipei
J85 WIMM (continue to WADD) A330-300 Garuda Indonesia Sumatra (Continue to Denpansar
J86 VTBS B777-300ER KLM Bankok @Sam73628 KLM675
J87 FACT B777-200ER KLM Cape Town
P10 KDFW B777-300ER American Airlines Dallas
P11 KORD B767-300 United (Continental) Chicago
P13 MMMX B787-8 Aero Mexico Mexico City
P14 VTBS B777-300ER Eva Air Bankok
P15 TNCB B787-8 TUI Bonaire
P16 MDPC B787-8 TUI Punta Cana
R aprons (Cargo) - 3 left
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline City IFC name Callsign
R71 SKBO MD-11F Martinair Cargo Bogota @KingOctopus AFKLM140
R72 OMAA B777-200F / A330-200F Etihad Cargo Abhu Dhabi
R73 OMDW B777-200F Emirates Cargo Dubai @joslleymiguel_holand AFKLM014
R74 SPJC MD-11F Martinair Cargo Lima
R77 HECA MD-11F Martinair Cargo Cairo @Chase_Smith1 AFKLM116
R80 KMIA MD-11F Martinair Cargo Miami @ChrisToxz Martinair420
R81 SBKP MD-11F Martinair Cargo Campinas @Ali_Naaman Martinair063
R82 KMIA B777-200F LAN Cargo Miami @Scandanavian54super Scandinavian54super
R83 EGLL B747-400F Generic London @BadPlane NCS003
S aprons (Cargo) - 8 left
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline City IFC name Callsign
S72 KMIA MD-11F Martinair Cargo Miami @John370 AFKLM007
S74 ZGGG B777-200F China Southern Cargo Guangzhou @Jerseyant China Southern 1609
S77 RKSI B777-200F Korean Air Cargo Seoul
S79 EGSS MD-11F Martinair Cargo London
S82 OTHH B777-200F Qatar Cargo Doha
S84 LTBA A330-200F Turkish Cargo Istanbul
S87 EDDP B757-200 DHL Leipzig
S90 UUEE B747-8 Air Brigde Cargo Moscow
S92 OEJN MD-11F Saudia Cargo Jeddah
S94 KMEM B777-200F FedEx Memphis
S96 SEQM MD-11F Martinair Cargo Quito @Omar_DeWindt AFKLM001

Event Partner



Our Event partner AFKLM is joining us in the Celebrations, Here a little about them!

We are AIRFRANCE-KLM Virtual

Established in 2017, AIRFRANCE-KLM Virtual Group (AFKLMVA) is among the elite virtual airlines operating inside the Infinite Flight mobile flight simulator community. In addition to legacy carriers Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airways , low-cost subsidiaries HOP! and Transavia are part of the AFKLMVA portfolio. Cargo service is provided by Air France Cargo and Martinair .

We offer mature aviation enthusiasts a well-organized Virtual Airline platform and a relaxed, friendly culture to ensure that you enjoy the journey. With 31 planes in our fleet, 319 destinations across the globe, a detailed flight operations system and a flight training academy for new pilots, plus a mix of dynamic events , we specialize in one thing and one thing only: providing the ultimate VA experience.

Visit AIRFRANCE-KLM Virtual Website

I want to thank @Dylan_M for the shape of the thread

I’ll consider joining but need to see which flight to do.
EDIT: Sorry man can’t do so, it’s on a Monday and is on a school day


A330 to Seattle please (DL)


@Tyler_shah what will your callsign be?

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I have to see the RW flight #


@Tyler_shah Ive added you. not your callsign yet

s72 please.
Callsign Martinair 420


Count me in please, AFKLM001

What route @Omar_DeWindt?

B92 to EGLC please.

I’ll use the callsign to the 7 am departure which is KLM 981


Added you @Will_A and @ChrisToxz


S96 EHAM-SEQM. Bringing the cargo to Quito!


Is this supposed to be on a Monday?? @Emiel_l

yes, Monday evening european time.

The reason its on a monday is the 100th anniversary of KLM

Count me out. I’m not available


Okay. rgr that

Blame it on school


I’d love to join
But the date of the event is exactly at the date that i’m going on an excursion with my class…
Sorry mate :c


Oh checked the wrong month, please change me to C5, not able to do long-haul