550GS Restriction Below FL400 - A Little Low?

I’ve been looking through the forums and haven’t found a direct answer.

Apparently no word has been said about removing this restriction since 2016. As others have stated years ago, this was meant to be a temporary rule. Again, I’m not 100% sure if this is still in effect but I would like to know plans for it. Thanks.

(If you didn’t read the title, I’m referring to the restriction of 550GS below FL400).

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Not in effect anymore

Current standard:


Ah, thanks for clearing that up.

I should note that some still have a little trouble with this.

This means essentially in a fighter, once you’re away from controlled airspace, you can do as you wish.

Where people get into trouble is trying their best to skirt the “under ATC control” part by flying at 1k kts at FL180.000001 until they’re right on top of the field then dropping in on Approach and expecting a quick dive-bomb approach. That doesn’t work either.

Essentially, once you’re within range of approach or tower, you should behave as you would in a commercial aircraft. There’s no speed limit below 10k, but still a good idea to keep it reasonable. Weaving in and out of traffic isn’t happening. That seems to be where most fighter pilots get confused. Or “caught,” if you will.


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