550 speed limit and tail winds

On the expert server, there are times with high tail winds like > 140 kts when it becomes nearly impossible to remain under 550 ground speed and have any kind of realistic flight profile IAS-wise at altitude.

Does the expert server take tail winds into account? I’m guessing that it does not. I don’t want to risk a ghosting to find out.

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For the same reason you are mentioning, the 550kts ground speed rule was removed with the release of Global. You can be calm! :)


The new limit is 250kts IAS below 10,000 feet, and 350kts IAS above 10,000 feet.
This does not apply for military aircraft.

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That’s not new at all. [Except it not applying to fighters]

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Sorry. Just trying to clarify the current limits for the OP.

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