55 Days at Peking

55 Days at Peking

With the end of Marching Season and Christmas Break just around the corner, I think it’s time to do some long hauls. Today’s trip…Chicago to Peking (Beijing). The 3D ZBAA is beautiful and the giant KORD is amazing to fly around. And the scenery along the Great Circle just enhances the flight. So come along and fly away!

  • Route: KORD - ZBAA
  • Aircraft: United Boeing 777-300ER
  • Time: 14 Hours and Five Minutes
  • Departure Runway: 22L
  • Landing Runway: 1
  • Cruise Altitude: FL320 (FL321 in Russia and China)

Starting a beautiful flight off with an amazing and windy rotation out of KORD. KORD was using southwest flow today, leading to our departure on Runway 22L.

Upon rotation, we turn parallel to the main runways of KORD, gaining a beautiful view of the mega-airport in the process.

Gotta start out this long haul with a great view of the Land ‘O’ Lakes!

A beautiful, but brief sunset greets us over the Great North of Alaska and Russia as we head west.

We are now descending with a beautiful view of the Capital of China to our southwest.

Now we are on final with a great view of the brand-spanking-new 3D ZBAA.

Welcome to Peking/Beijing, Capital of China!

And we have arrived at the 3D Beijing-Capital International Airport! Please have your visas and immigration documents ready for inspection. I hope you enjoy your time in China and be sure to fly the friendly skies!

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