(55 Attending) The Los Angeles Flyout @ KLAX - 091700ZDEC18


From what I can find, they don’t use the 777-200LR on that route. Instead they operate 787, 7373MAX and A320 from LAX to Toronto.

@AviationJack, I’d be great if you could choose one the aircraft I wrote above that are in use IRL or if I’m wrong abut them not using 777-200LR, then I’d be happy if you could show me a source that says that they do in fact operate the 777-200LR on that route, thanks :)


Gate 150 to RKSI for me, please.


I edited myself in as a American 789,bound for RJTT. It’s at 2:00 AM for me,but I guess it’s worth it?


Can I please have FedEx gate 9 to RJAA. Thanks.


Edited you in with my regular powers.


Ahh thank you. Oh to be a regular. Maybe one day ;)

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Just keep liking,posting,and contributing! One day you’ll be there! ;)


@JKP I also added you. @Plane-Train-TV now it is at 49 attendees.

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Get me in
Gate any there is




I’ll take gate 48C to KCLT.


This event is 1 week away!

Sign up to claim your gate today! We currently have over 50 attending! Let’s increase that number and fill the most popular airport on Infinite Flight!


Gate 61 with Air Canada on the A321 please,

Looking forward to it!!

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G9 to kabq

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Um can I still have gate 67 for air Canada to CYYZ with 777-200LR please


Can I have Imperial Cargo Gate 5, the Lufthansa MD11


SWA to DAL please :)

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I’ll be switching my gate to gate 73 to PHTO United 737-900 please =D

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ill be live streaming my flight to bna in the gl 737 for swv

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A 77L will not fit in that gate