(55 Attending) The Los Angeles Flyout @ KLAX - 091700ZDEC18


Can I get terminal 7 gate 72 please :)

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I got all of you in! Can’t wait to see all of you there! @Darpan @Ecurr1996 @SirMarkieMark

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Can i actually change mine to SWA LAX-HOU if possible?

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I will have to drop out, sorry


11 FedEx KSAN MD11. Please change for KEWR.


Every time I see an event, I look for a route to KDTW, its my home airport. Every time, its taken. Anyways, I’ll take the DAL 738 to KSEA, Callsign Delta 219. Thanks!


We can add another KDTW flight


Can I take Gate 75b to denver


What gate are you at?


Gate 16 bro

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No, its fine, but thanks anyways!


Could I have gate 41 to PHNL?

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Fedex cargo
Gate 11 KEWR MD-11 for me please.

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Gate 63 please

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Gate 69 Air Canada 3871 B777-200LR CYYZ


Could I get FedEx to PANC but in a B777F instead? Thanks!

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Do they still use the 772 on this route?


For anyone who has requested a gate, you are in. I do apologize for the extremely long delay. Thank you for your patience. If you have PMed about a gate please re-PM me. Thanks!


The DHL Cargo flight to KCVG should either be a 767 (Atlas) or a 747 (Polar), not a 757. I may sign up later if I am able to make it.


Yeah I’m peatty sure.