(55 Attending) The Los Angeles Flyout @ KLAX - 091700ZDEC18


I don’t know but I just want to fly long haul


It’s not a 787-800; it’s a 787-8


Gate 132 Qatar 772LR Callsign K-2SO


The only airlines that fly this route are:
Virgin Atlantic (787-9)
British Airways (A380, 747, 777)
American Airlines (777, 787-9)
United (787-9)
Air New Zealand (777)


I guess British airways 787 900


It’s not a 787-900 either. It’s a 787-9


Nope, It’s Not. Qatar flies a Boeing 777-200LR daily from LAX to DOH. Not a B787-8 to LHR.

And @Gavin_cx, If you take a look above, you’ll @DiamondGaming4 posted a list of airliners and aircraft they use in operation for LAX-LHR route. And BAW does not fly 787-9 from Los Angeles to London. You may pick one the above, please.

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I’ll take British airways 787 9 to egll


I have the A380 if you would like that


Well to be honest, yes they do. I believe it departs around 5:30PM PDT at LAX

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It seems like they do, well then carry on, my apologies.


I would like to have all A380’s on the outside area of TBIT. Is it ok if I move your gate to make it seem a little more realistic?


I’ll take American 787-9 to egll


I’ll take American 787-9 to egll


Yeah I’ve understood that you want to fly AA 787-9. But I’m not allowed to add Airlines that isn’t on the list. It’s up to @Plane-Train-TV to give you a gate latter.

Have some patience, and he’ll add you soon.

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I’ll actua take virgin Atlantic to egll

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Ill take 18B southwest to midway

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This huge event is less than one month away!

There is still tons of gates available! Get your gate today!


Qatar to OTHH callsign K-2SO

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I would like the following please and thank you!
38 Delta KTPA B752

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