(55 Attending) The Los Angeles Flyout @ KLAX - 091700ZDEC18


I don’t know but I just want to fly long haul


It’s not a 787-800; it’s a 787-8


Gate 132 Qatar 772LR Callsign K-2SO


The only airlines that fly this route are:
Virgin Atlantic (787-9)
British Airways (A380, 747, 777)
American Airlines (777, 787-9)
United (787-9)
Air New Zealand (777)


I guess British airways 787 900


It’s not a 787-900 either. It’s a 787-9


Nope, It’s Not. Qatar flies a Boeing 777-200LR daily from LAX to DOH. Not a B787-8 to LHR.

And @Gavin_cx, If you take a look above, you’ll @DiamondGaming4 posted a list of airliners and aircraft they use in operation for LAX-LHR route. And BAW does not fly 787-9 from Los Angeles to London. You may pick one the above, please.


I’ll take British airways 787 9 to egll


I have the A380 if you would like that


Well to be honest, yes they do. I believe it departs around 5:30PM PDT at LAX


It seems like they do, well then carry on, my apologies.


I would like to have all A380’s on the outside area of TBIT. Is it ok if I move your gate to make it seem a little more realistic?


I’ll take American 787-9 to egll


I’ll take American 787-9 to egll


Yeah I’ve understood that you want to fly AA 787-9. But I’m not allowed to add Airlines that isn’t on the list. It’s up to @Plane-Train-TV to give you a gate latter.

Have some patience, and he’ll add you soon.


I’ll actua take virgin Atlantic to egll


Ill take 18B southwest to midway


This huge event is less than one month away!

There is still tons of gates available! Get your gate today!


Qatar to OTHH callsign K-2SO


I would like the following please and thank you!
38 Delta KTPA B752