(55 Attending) The Los Angeles Flyout @ KLAX - 091700ZDEC18


KSJC will always get atleast 1 Vote by a guy that starts with B and ends with 0. lol

That Guy Is



LAX - LHR anyone?


Using callsign ACVA137, thanks!


Evening. You gave me the wrong gate. Don’t fly for FDXVA. I’m flying for UPS Virtual.
I wanted Gate: 10 in Imperial Cargo.

My previous request


Gate 214 please! Callsign K-2SO


Hello, I would like to reserve

Also, is there any chance that I can switch out the A380 and fly the 747-400 instead? I know BA operates the aircraft to LAX. Thanks in advance!
Callsign: Speedbird 283


I will take gate 71A
Callsign: Air Shuttle 2021
Aircraft type: Boeing 787-10


@Playr_Mar, Imperial Cargo Gate 10 - Check

@Lucas_Piedra, Gate 152 Is Yours, And I’ll Let @Plane-Train-TV Change Your Aircraft If He’s Alright With It :)

@Tyler_Efthim, I’m Pretty Sure 787-10 Does Not Fit In That Gate Which Is Assigned To A CRJ. I’ll Let The Event Manager Decide Your Case.


I’m fine with doing a CRJ, I just didn’t know what aircraft was running that gate. But could I do a CRJ 700?


That should be fine. You’re then assigned to that gate with the CRJ7 :)

See you at the event.

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Okay thanks! :)

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Could you confirm gate 31A to ATL?

Call sign Delta 104

Thank you!


Added you to your requested gate, 31A.

See you at the event :)

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Can I have 33b please


With a RJ200 please


Added. See you there!


Can I fly Qatari to egll 787 800

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Do you mean British Airways?

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No qatari is the airline


Is this a real route?