(55 Attending) The Los Angeles Flyout @ KLAX - 091700ZDEC18


@Kevinsoto1502, you’re assigned to your gate, with Cargo bound for EWR.

@anon87102400, Next Stop Frankfurt, pushback from Gate 156 ;)

See ya both at the event!


Could I have a gate in TBIT (preferably a gate next to 148, with the other Qantas plane) flying to YBBN?

I would be in a Qantas 787-9.


P.S. Qantas does fly this route in real life: https://flightaware.com/live/flight/QFA16/history/20181031/0630Z/KLAX/YBBN


@sam2875, Gate 153 at TBIT is yours :)

@Plane-Train-TV, I noticed there being two Norwegian flights and I left the bound for Oslo and removing the one to Gatwick since there are already a few flight to neaby airports around EGKK but not to Scandinavia.


@Captain_JR I would like to take a route to YBBN onboard the virgin Australia 777
Sorry if any inconvenience is caused
Thanks so much and great event


Is there any chance of u changing the event to the 9th or I can not attend


That is something you’ll have to ask the Event Manager @Plane-Train-TV.

He is the one who is created this event so I’m not obligated to change any dates or times.

On the other hand you’re assigned to gate 208. Flight to Brisbane.

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Thanks very much appreciate it

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Sign me up pls!
Terminal 2, Gate 21 to KAUS
Callsignm: DLVA243
See ya there!


Flight to KAUS is yours ;)

See you at the event!

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I will take 75B to DEN please, United 788 Heavy 787-10


The 787-10 will not fit in 75B. Can you use the 737-800?


Can I have T2 Gate 28 to KMSP. Thanks!


Gate 28 to KMSP, it’s all yours now :)

See you at the event!


Sir I requested a gate, can u confirm whether or not I received it?
I was one of the first. Just want to confirm the gate before someone else asks for it


Sorry for the inconvenience, you’re now assigned to Gate 10 as you requested, see you at the event :)


I’ll take gate 59 for the JB A321 to JFK.


You’re now assigned to your requested gate nr. 59 :)


Great Event Mate!


Thank you @IrishAviation!


Hello Everyone! I am already planning my next event! As you know, I love making events for this fantastic community so you can enjoy Infinite Flight global even more! My next event will be very special. Why? Because it will be chosen by YOU! I have chosen 4 airports to host my next event. Please select the airport you will be most interested in seeing as my next event.

  • KSAN (San Diego International Airport)
  • KPBI (West Palm Beach International Airport)
  • NZAA (Auckland International Airport)
  • BIKF (Reykjavik International Airport)
  • KSJC (San Jose International Airport)
  • KEYW (Key West International Airport)
  • EGKK (London Gatwick Airport)

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